Experiment: Neutral

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The Neutral Experiment
Experiment Neutral icon.png

The Neutral experiment is one of 12 experiments in the laboratory, available when the laboratory is first built.

The goal of the neutral experiment is to expand a sphere.


Upgrades increases how fast the sphere grows. Each tier of upgrades costs more, but also expands the sphere faster. When you buy enough of a single tier, the base rate of that tier will also increase.

Expanding converts current growth into maximum growth, which resets the sphere back to size 0.

Upgrade Base rate Cost
Essencer 0.1/s 1 * triangle(lvl) * 2prestige
Combiner 0.5/s 10 * triangle(lvl) * 2prestige
Dragger 1.5/s 50 * triangle(lvl) * 2prestige
Forcer 4/s 150 * triangle(lvl) * 2prestige
Purer 10/s 500 * triangle(lvl) * 2prestige
Condenser 50/s 2000 * triangle(lvl) * 2prestige

where triangle(lvl) = lvl*(lvl+1)/2 + 1.

As you buy more upgrades in a tier, the base rate of that tier starts getting multiplied based on how many upgrades you've bought. This makes it better to focus on a single tier, rather than spreading your upgrades among all the tiers. The multipliers follow a simple pattern, until it switches at high amounts:

Count Rate multiplier
0 1x
10 2x
15 4x
20 8x
50 16x
100 32x
150 64x
200 128x
500 256x
1000 512x
2000+ 2^(8.8+0.2*floor(count/1000))x


Prestige resets all generators and your maximum orbs to the square root of your current maximum orbs (capped at 10) and you have to choose between 2 bonuses.

  • Production x2 - generators will produce orbs twice as much
  • +5% max. Level (multiplicative) - increases the maximum levels by 5% of the previous maximum amount

Prestige becomes available when all upgrades are maxed at their highest levels. The base highest level for each upgrade is 10000 * (7 - tier). E.g. the initial maximum for Essencer, the tier 1 upgrade, would be 60000.

Because of the exponential nature of the bonus rate increase, the +5% max level quickly starts giving more than 2x production, and this just gets more pronounced the more you keep taking it.


Sphere size Reward
500 Defensive Simple Evasion
2500 Offensive Lifesteal
10000 Offensive Impetus
20000 Defensive Reflect
125000 Defensive Defiance
6.5M Offensive Critical Strike
10000*2.06lvl +(lvl+1)% Neutral damage
15000*4.25lvl +(lvl+1)% Neutral resistance