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Enemies must be defeated in Tower Testing in order to progress.

Enemies come in a variety of elements, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Each elemental enemy also comes in 6 archetypes.

Enemy Types


Standard melee-range enemy.

Attack icon.png 100% Health icon.png 100% Speed icon.png 100%


Melee-range. Has a higher HP, but lower damage than normal enemies.

Attack icon.png 50% Health icon.png 250% Speed icon.png 100%


Attacks from range.

Attack icon.png 90% Health icon.png 90% Speed icon.png 100%


Attacks from range. Applies a slow debuff to your tower when they attack.

Attack icon.png 90% Health icon.png 150% Speed icon.png 150%


Fast enemy that can leap towards the tower when close.

Attack icon.png 200% Health icon.png 90% Speed icon.png 100%


Bosses have a higher HP and attack than normal enemies, but appear less frequently.

Attack icon.png 1000% Health icon.png 1000% Speed icon.png 200%

Era Powers

Difficulty icon.png Warning: This section contains spoilers about Era content.


Attack icon.png Kills - Deals 25% additional random-element damage.

Defense icon.png Hits - Non-neutral tower damage is reduce by 95%.


Attack icon.png Kills - Ignores shield.

Defense icon.png Hits - Explodes on death.


Attack icon.png Kills - Slows the tower by 250%.

Defense icon.png Hits - 80% to reduce damage to 10% of MAX. HP.


Attack icon.png Kills - 100% Lifesteal.

Defense icon.png Hits - +25% HP/sec. & +5% MAX. HP/sec.


Attack icon.png Kills - Chance to stun the tower.

Defense icon.png Hits - 55% chance to block incoming damage.


Attack icon.png Kills - Warp / Dash Movement.

Defense icon.png Hits - Reflects 10% of incoming damage.


Attack icon.png Kills - Always ranged + Impetus.

Defense icon.png Hits - Immune to stun.


Attack icon.png Kills - Deals 25% of current tower hp as pure damage.

Defense icon.png Hits - Invisible until close range.


Attack icon.png Kills - Reduces resistance against all elements.

Defense icon.png Hits - Shield that grants 1 sec. invulnerability.


Attack icon.png Kills - +100% damage split across all elements.

Defense icon.png Hits - 40% chance to fully heal after lethal hit.