Experiment: Electricity

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The Electricity Experiment
Experiment Electricity icon.png

The Electricity experiment is one of 12 experiments in the laboratory, available at laboratory tier 2.

The goal of the Electricity Experiment is to raise the amperage.


Each coil (battery) starts with 1 wrap (cell), with wraps capping at 20 per coil and coils capping at 5.

Each wrap adds 1V on the coil it's on.

The total voltage is calculated with the product of voltages of all coils.

Each wrap's material can be upgraded to reduce it's resistance.

The resistance of a coil is the average of the resistances of all wraps in that coil.

Total resistance is the average of the resistances of all coils

Amperage is calculated with Voltage(V) / Resistance(Ohm)


Prestige resets all coils and wraps, you have to choose between the following bonuses:

  • +30% V: Increases voltage power by 30% (multiplicative)
  • -20% Ohm: Reduces electrical resistance by 20% (multiplicative)


Amperage Reward
5A Offensive Electricity Taste
12A Offensive Lightning
30A Defensive Overcharge
150A Defensive Transformator
1000A Defensive Shock ward
2lvl*100A +(lvl+1)% Electricity damage
8lvl*150A +(lvl+1)% Electricity resistance