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Max. Tier 8
Conversion rate 750:1
Color theme Purple
Purple resource.png

The Headquarters is a building where you can upgrade your Military Tier, purchase and install software to speed up Tower Testing, or access the AI scripting feature.

Building Tiers

Each tier adds 2 extra server slots and unlocks a new contract.


The contracts' conditions can be met to increase resource drops in the core game. The total resource drop multiplier is Resource Drop Bonus per Fulfilled Contract^(Fulfilled Contracts+1)

Glass Cannon

Conditions: Use max. 1 defensive module.


Conditions: Use max. 1 offensive module.


Conditions: Use min. 1 module of each type (offensive, defensive, utility and ultimate).


Conditions: Use min. 5 active modules


Conditions: Include modules with #tags from each element (#Fire, #Water, #Earth, #Air, #Nature, #Electricity, #Light, #Darkness).

  • This means that each tag must appear in the blueprint at least once, but doesn't have to be on a singular module.


Conditions: Use exactly 10 modules with a #Neutral tag.


Conditions: Include modules with #Buff, #Aura, #Reactive and #Chance tags.

  • This means that each tag must appear in the blueprint at least once, but doesn't have to be on a singular module.


Conditions: Use at least 10 modules with a #Universal tag; at least 5 modules with a #Area tag; and min. 5 Ultimate modules




Servers must be purchased in order to hold more CPU and RAM. Servers increase in cost as more are owned. The player can have a maximum of 16 servers.

Server Cost (purple resource)
1 100
2 1,000
3 10,000
4 100,000
5 1 M (1e6)
6 10 M (1e7)
7 100 M (1e8)
8 1 B (1e9)
9 10 B (1e10)
10 100 B (1e11)
11 1 T (1e12)
12 10 T (1e13)
13 100 T (1e14)
14 1 Qa (1e15)
15 10 Qa (1e16)
16 100 Qa (1e17)



CPU increases the speed at which new technology is researched. Each server can hold a maximum of 27.49 THz CPU. You get 1 'flop' for each 20Hz, so the maximum amount of CPU possible (with 16 servers) is 21.99 T flops.

The formula for the cost of each CPU upgrade is 5tier × 4

The formula for the amount of speed each tier grants is 4tier × 25 Hz

Tier Name Speed Cost
0 Basic Onboard Circuit 25 Hz -
1 Cubical Series Basic 100 Hz 20
2 Cubical Series X2 400 Hz 100
3 Cubical Series X4 1.6 KHz 500
4 Cubical Series X4-M 6.4 KHz 2,500
5 Phantom Series 25.6 KHz 12,500
6 Phantom Series II-M 102.4 KHz 62,500
7 Phantom Series X 409.6 KHz 312,500
8 Phantom Series Dual X 1.64 MHz 1.56 M (1.56e6)
9 Athlete Series Neo 6.55 MHz 7.81 M (7.81e6)
10 Athlete Series X2 26.21 MHz 39.06 M (3.906e7)
11 Athlete Series X4-FX 104.86 MHz 195.31 M (1.953e8)
12 Athlete Series Titan 419.43 MHz 976.56 M (9.766e8)
13 Fire Core i3 1.68 GHz 4.88 B (4.88e9)
14 Fire Core i5 6.71 GHz 24.41 B (2.441e10)
15 Fire Core i7 26.84 GHz 122.07 B (1.221e11)
16 Fire Core i9 107.37 GHz 610.35 B (6.104e11)
17 Fire Core i9-X 429.5 GHz 3.05 T (3.05e12)
18 Phoenix Series Quad-Core 1.72 THz 15.26 T (1.526e13)
19 Phoenix Series Octa-Core 6.87 THz 76.29 T (7.629e13)
20 Phoenix Series X16 Supernova 27.49 THz 381.47 T (3.815e14)



RAM increases the number of lines that an AI Script can hold. Each server can hold a maximum of 1.1 PB RAM. The maximum amount of RAM possible (with 16 servers) is 17.59 PB, which allows 25 lines per AI script.

The formula for the cost of each RAM upgrade is (6tier / 0.6)

The formula for the amount of memory each tier grants is (4tier) KB

Tier Name Memory Cost
0 Small Onboard Chip 1 KB -
1 Basic Static RAM Chip 4 KB 10
2 Basic Static RAM Chip X4 16 KB 60
3 Cubical DRAM Gen 1 64 KB 360
4 Cubical DRAM Gen 2 256 KB 2,160
5 Cubical DRAM Gen 8 1.02 MB 12,960
6 Cubical DRAM Extreme 4.1 MB 77,760
7 Lightning Series SDRAM 16.38 MB 466,560
8 Lightning Series SDRAM-XL 65.54 MB 2.8 M (2.8e6)
9 Lightning Series SDRAM VI 262.14 MB 16.8 M (1.68e7)
10 Lightning Series SDRAM Final 1.05 GB 100.78 M (1.008e8)
11 Poseidon Series DDR2 4.19 GB 604.66 M (6.047e8)
12 Poseidon Series DDR2 X4 16.78 GB 3.63 B (3.63e9)
13 Poseidon Series DDR2 Platinum 67.11 GB 21.77 B (2.177e10)
14 Poseidon Series DDR2 Platinum X4 268.44 GB 130.61 B (1.306e11)
15 Fire RAM DDR3 1.07 TB 783.64 B (7.836e11)
16 Fire RAM DDR3 X4 4.29 TB 4.7 T (4.7e12)
17 Fire RAM DDR3 Colossal 17.18 TB 28.21 T (2.821e13)
18 Phoenix DDR4 Experimental 68.72 TB 169.27 T (1.693e14)
19 Phoenix DDR5 Collection 274.88 TB 1.02 Qa (1.02e15)
20 Phoenix DDR5 Gargantuan 1.1 PB 6.09 Qa (6.09e15)


Install programs to speed up the core game. The programs are:

Name Cost Time Description
Autoskip 50 2500000 flop-sec When activated it removes the waiting time between waves once all enemies have spawned and therefore slightly speeds up wave progression on lower difficulties.
Wave Streaming 250,000 12500 flop-days Slowly accelerates enemies while at the same time decreasing the spawn interval duration yielding a much higher wave progression speed.
Wave Surge 7.5 M (7.5e6) 100000 flop-days Improves wave streaming by increasing the maximum acceleration limit. After a certain amount of time entire waves are being skipped. Skipped waves do not trigger wave related module effects!
Critical Wavejump 22.5 M (2.25e7) 150000 flop-days Provides a 1% chance to skip waves equal to 5% of your wave record of the current region and difficulty whenever you proceed to the next wave as long as you are below your previous record. Only works in endless mode!
Facility AI 175 M (1.75e8) 200000 flop-days Unlocks the Facility AI which includes some basic programmable logic scripts.
Boots.dos Hint: [1]
300 M (3e8)
Enhances the AI with functions to draw on a canvas that spans over the AI overlay.
Wave Momentum 500 M (5e8) 250000 flop-days Everytime the tower destroys an enemy in endless mode you gain one more wave the next time the wave counter changes. Afterwards the destroyed enemy counter resets. Only works in endless mode!
Wave Storm 1.75 B (1.75e9) 500000 flop-days Increases the amount the counter of Wave Momentum increases whenever an enemy is being destroyed by 10% (Multiplicatively) for each completed normal mode. Additionally increases the wave acceleration factor by 0.25 whenever an enemy is being destroyed and Wave Streaming is active.
Wave Persistence 3.75 B (3.75e9) 1000000 flop-days Improves Wave Momentum by resetting the destroyed enemy counter only to 90% of its previous value instead of zero.
Wave Instability 5 T (5e12) 2000000 flop-days Improves Critical Wavejump by increasing its chance to trigger by another 4% and increases the skipped amount to 10% of your previous record.
Wave Vortex 30 T (3e13) 4000000 flop-days Removes the warm-up time from Wave Streaming and further increases the wave acceleration speed. Can be combined with Wave Surge.
Wave Catalyst 100 T (1e14) 5000000 flop-days Increases the speed of Wave Streaming based on the amount of waves skipped everytime Critical Wavejump triggers. Has no effect if the wave acceleration factor already exceed 1B (1e9).
Wave Endurance 400 T (4e14) 6250000 flop-days Increases the acceleration of Wave Streaming by 5% per second. (This means that the acceleration gets accelerated over time.)
New Bounds 2 Qa (2e15) Endless mode starts at Era 1 if the highest record in the current region and difficulty is equal to or bigger than Era 1. If wave catalyst is active at the same time then the wave acceleration factor will be set to 1 B (1e9).
Wave Marathon 7.5 Qa (7.5e15) Increases the acceleration factor of wave endurance by 100% (From 5% to 10%, 15%, 20%, ...) for each region and difficulty with a highscore equal or greater than era 1.
Wave Compression 30 Qa (3e16) Reduces the amount of spawn ticks per wave by 50% and increases the destroyed enemy counter of wave momentum exponentially by 0.4% everytime an enemy is being destroyed. Only works in endless mode!
Era Surge 50 Qa (5e16) Skips to the next Era every 10 times the wave counter changes. Only works if the current Era is at least 1.
Era Burst 300 Qa (3e17) Skips (Total amount of waves skipped)^0.5 eras whenever the wave counter changes. If Era Surge is active then its effect will change to a 10% boost for Era Burst
Era Swirl 8 Qi (8e18) Increases the amount of eras skipped the greater your gap to era 100 B (1e11) is. Has no effect if your current era is bigger than 100 B (1e11).
Wave Horizon 90 Qi (9e19) Multiplies the acceleration speed of wave streaming by 25 for each region and difficulty with a highscore equal or greater than era 1. Only works if current era is below 100 B (1e11).
No Bounds 3 Sx (3e21) Endless mode starts at Infinity 1 if the highest record in the current region and difficulty is equal to or bigger than Infinity 1. If wave catalyst is active at the same time then the wave acceleration factor will be set to 1 B (1e9).
Era Tunneling 10 Sx (1e22) Increases the amount of eras skipped by 25% and by an additional +25% for each region where all difficulties in endless have a highscore of infinity 1 or greater.
Wave Breach placeholder Removes the infinity based limitation of wave horizon and boosts the accel gain from wave streaming based on the highest wave acceleration amount you have ever reached in any region. Formula for multiplier: Log10(10+Highest Acceleration/100)
Wave Floor 50 Sx (5e22) Prevents the wave counter from going below 100 M (1e8) if the highest era in the current region is bigger than 0.
Era Floor 5 Sp (5e24) 5e11 flop-hours Prevents the era counter from going below 100 M (1e8) if the highest infinity in the current region is bigger than 0.
Era Horizon 1.2 Oc (1.2e27) 1e12 flop-hours As long as this software is active, each difficulty in each region with a highscore equal to or greater than Infinity 1 multiplies the amount of eras skipped using era software by 4 (additively) and the exponent of era burst by 0.002 (additively). Removes the Era/Infinity restriction of Era Swirl as well.
Wave Restart 50 Oc (5e28) 1.5e12 flop-hours If this software is active then a new round in tower testing will start at your previous record. If wave catalyst is active at the same time then the wave acceleration factor will be set to 1 B (1e9). With this software you can technically push forever so use it wisely.
Infinity Horizion 1.5 No (1.5e30) 2e12 flop-hours Turns era swirl into a constant multiplier with the same value as the "maximum bonus would have provided." (11x) Also doubles the wave acceleration speed as well as the acceleration of the acceleration.

There is another technical limit for speed which is compensated by skipping waves leading to a higher resources/sec increase at the cost of missing out a few enemies.


Main article: Military Tier

In the military tab you can soft prestige after meeting certain requirements (unlocking regions, maxing out modules...), which change with every prestige.

Prestiging will reward the player with higher maximum modules tier, new buildings, software, bosses, and other features.

Prestiging will reset the level of all modules, as well as losing all your cubes. To compensate this, you are rewarded some gems.

Prestiging will not make you lose gems, exotic gems, or non-cube building resources.

You will start at Tier 0, and will eventually reach Tier 4, unlocking access to the AI. Upon reaching tier 8, you will unlock access to Era content. Infinity content is available at Tier 12.

Facility AI

Main article: AI

The Facility AI is a section unlocked by attaining military prestige 4 and installing it from software section. The AI allows for multiple automation tasks to be performed, including refreshing Mine layers, combining power stones at the Museum, using active modules automatically, or simply clicking at specific locations on the screen.


See also: Skills (Upgrade)
  • Sponsoring - Decreases the resource conversion rate of the headquarters by 5 for each completed difficulty in normal mode. Takes all unlocked regions into account.
  • Dealbreaker - Allows you to cancel non-forever contracts. Does not refund any resources!
  • Offline Installing - Allows the headquarters to continue installing software while the game is closed.

Exotic Skills

See also: Exotic Skills



  1. D0s's Secret