Experiment: Fire

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The Fire Experiment
Experiment Fire icon.png

The Fire experiment is one of 12 experiments in the laboratory, available when the laboratory is first built.

The goal of the fire experiment is to reach the maximum available temperature, while raising the temperature gauge.


Heaters increase temperature per tick.

Tickers reduce the time per tick.

Insulators reduce the percentage of temperature lost per minute.

Upgrades of a higher tier produce upgrades of their previous tier.


Prestige resets the temperature, heaters, insulators, and tickers. You have to choose between 3 bonuses: Heaters, Insulators, Tickers. Choosing one of these bonuses will make every manual purchases increases its effect by 1%. Prestige also multiplies the maximum temperature by 100.


Temperature Reward
100°C Offensive Fire Taste
3,000°C Offensive Fire Breath
75,000°C Offensive Combustion
950,000°C Defensive Shield of Fire
5M°C Offensive Incineration
500*1.8lvl °C +(lvl+1)% Fire damage
750*1.9lvl °C +(lvl+1)% Fire resistance