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Max. Tier 3
Conversion rate 100000:1
Color theme Spring Green

The shipyard is a building where you can send ships out to gather resources.


Weather is a modifier to the resource gain of your shipments.

Weather changes over time, except when you start a mission, then weather stays the same until you collect the shipment.

You can keep good weather for a long time if you quickly start another shipment after collecting a shipment. If you have bad weather, then it's advisable to wait until the weather changes.


You can send your ship out to gather shipments.

Every time you collect a shipment, your reward bonus is increased by increasing shipment number by 1, which additively increases the reward bonus by your bonus/shipment percentage.

You can upgrade your bonus modifier per shipment, which recalculates you reward bonus by multiplying shipment number by the new percentage bonus.

There are 6 options of shipments

  • 5 minutes: White Cubes
  • 15 minutes: Orange Cubes, Brown Cubes, and Red Cubes
  • 60 minutes: Green Cubes, Blue Cubes, and Purple Cubes
  • 4 hours: Yellow Cubes, Light Blue Cubes, and Pink Cubes
  • 8 hours: Cyan Cubes, Gray Cubes, and Black Cubes
  • 24 hours: Gems, and Exotic Gems.


None yet.