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Max. Tier 10
Conversion rate 150:1
Color theme Red
Red resource.png

The Factory is a building where you make production modules. Production modules produce a specific amount of resources per second.

To craft production modules you need to either purchase your materials or refine and combine your own with machinery.

You need materials from the Mine in order to refine better materials.

1. Crafting Grid 2. Inventory 3. Machines 4. Recipes 5. Production 6. Shop 7. Refining
From left to right: Ingot, Plate, Circuit Plate, Screw/Bolt, Wire, Cable, Metal Bar/Rod, Circuit Wires, Pipe, Ring, Dust.


Upgrades to the factory increases inventory space, crafting grid space, and unlocks new recipes.

Main Screen


Located on the bottom right. Things you buy and make can be placed here.

Click and drag the items to move them around, and into the crafting grid.

Right click with an empty mouse picks up half of the selected item. Right click with a full mouse places down one of the held items, holding right click with a full mouse and dragging places one item on each empty tile.

Clicking on the trash bin through it will delete the items you are holding.

Crafting Grid

Located on the left of the factory screen

You can display recipes here from the recipes list, items needed are represented by transparent icons, you can fill them in by dragging the items in from your inventory.


Machines are used to process items into different items, which can find them in the recipe list.

When a machine is producing, right clicking the machine removes one of the items, and shift right clicking removes all items at once from the machine.

Speed is calculated by this formula:

(Base x 2^(Machine_Tier-1))

With Base being the processing speed of that specific item.

Speed Boost Per Machine Tier

Tier Boost
1 1x
2 2x
3 4x
4 8x
5 16x
6 32x
7 64x
8 128x
9 256x
10 512x

Base times for each recipe in seconds


The oven is used to turn ore and dust into ingots.

Note: It is not advised to turn ore directly into ingots, and instead crush it first into dust as this doubles your ingot output per ore.


The assembly is used to turn cables into circuit wires.


The refiner is used to turn ingots into cables, cables into wires, and plates into circuit plates.


The crusher is used to turn ingots and ore into dust.


The cutter is used to turn metal rods into bolts.


The presser is used to turn rubber balls and ingots into plates, and stacked plates into dense plates.


The mixer is used to turn ore lumps into dust.

This allows you to combine lower tier dusts into a higher tier at a 1:8 ratio, or at a 1:4 ratio if the player has the Chemical Lumps Exotic Skill.


Belts do not make any items, instead they double your shard refining speed.


The shaper turns ingots into metal rods, metal rods into nuts, and plates into pipes.


The boiler turns blocks into dense blocks, and can also revert dust into a previous tier at a 1:4 ratio.


The recipe tab is where you find all the machines, producers, and items you can't make with machines.

Clicking the cross-hair icon of a recipe adds transparent items onto the crafting grid as a guide for you to fill out, or press the auto-fill button to have it put the materials in for you.


The producer tab is where you install your producers.

Producers make various resources at a specific rate, and will keep producing even while offline. Producer income is multiplied by both with Trading Post bonus "Production Bonus Resources" and by the Power Plant Factory boost. The former will be factored in to the rate shown in the tab, but the latter will not, since it speeds up time itself.

Producers are a valuable source of resources throughout the game.

All of the following values are in resources/sec.

Type T1 Producer T1.png T2 Producer T2.png T3 Producer T3.png T4 Producer T4.png T5 Producer T5.png
Town resource Town 0.25 150 3e5 2.5e12 1e20
Power Plant resource Power Plant 0.02 10 2.75e4 1.5625e10 1.25e18
Mine resource Mine 1.04167e11 8.3333e18
Factory resource Factory 8.3333e10 6.6667e18
Headquarters resource Headquarters 1.6667e10 1.3333e18
Arcade resource Arcade 1.25e8 1e16
Laboratory resource Laboratory 3.125e10 2.5e18
Shipyard resource Shipyard 1.25e8 1e16
Trading Post resource Trading Post 2.0833e9 1.6667e17
Workshop resource Workshop 2.5e11 2e19
Museum resource Museum 2.8333e8 2.2222e16
Construction Firm resource Construction Firm 2.0833e11 1.6667e19
Statue of Cubos resource Statue of Cubos 5e7 4e15
Gems Gems 1000
Exotic gems Exotic gems 0.001


The shop is where you can buy materials and items with red cubes, without having to make them.

The items in the shop however have a stock limit, that replenishes over time when not capped. Shift clicking buys five at a time, and right clicking buys the entire stock at once.


Chart showing the gains in efficiency as you refine more shards, particularly at Tier breakpoints.

The refining tab is where you refine shards dug up from the mine into ores. To refine, you must select which shards will participate (generally, you want all of them) and their proportion (equal splits equally, while relative splits according to how many shards you have).

This allows you to get higher tier items than can be found in the shop. In order to refine a particular tier of ore, you must refine with at least that many different shard types, and the total size of the refine must exceed a certain "breakpoint" threshold. It is generally suggested to not refine larger than the threshold for a given tier, because it just wastes time and shards (see chart). The breakpoints are as follows (round up to the nearest integer, the fractions are for data completeness):

Tier Size
T1 12.5
T2 164.157987753
T3 981.805656071
T4 5223.76200109
T5 26919.6914918
T6 137812.5
T7 707792.640311
T8 3662530.24793
T9 19131554.9974
T10 100964071.569

The belt is very important in reducing the time it takes to refine material. It is much faster to refine only what is needed to build the next level belt, start a new refine for one tier higher, and repeat, then it is to go straight for T10 ore with a low-level belt.

It takes 5 seconds to refine 1 shard without any belt, skills, or other effects (reduced to 2 seconds if you have the relevant skill). To calculate the total time to refine including all those effects, see https://www.desmos.com/calculator/oaqwluawpe.

Second Floor

Main Article: Factory Floor 2

The Second Floor of the Factory involves mainly using mass to create items, automate crafting, and growing materials from trees.


The Crafter is used to scan items and craft scanned items automatically, allowing you to easily craft them.

To scan an item, you need to have a certain quantity of it (the items are consumed in the scanning process), and to have all ingredients needed to craft the item already scanned (Ores and rubber are the first items you can scan). Scanning an item will also cost Factory Resources, which varies depending on the tier of the item. The resource cost for each tier is as follows:

Tier Resource Cost Quantity
T1 100B 100
T2 100T 50
T3 100Qa 30
T4 100Qi 25
T5 100Sx 20
T6 100Sp 15
T7 100Oc 10
T8 100No 10
T9 100De 10
T10 100UDe 5

By default, the crafter will automatically craft all items required to make the requested items, recursively. You can also toggle the crafter to use any relevant items already in your inventory.


The Fabricator is used to create items out of mass. After the second floor is unlocked, all factory items will display their mass. Their mass represents how much mass you gain from dissolving them. Their mass is also directly proportional to the resources used to make them. (With the exception of ore to ingot. Always turn your ores to dust first or don't directly turn ores to ingots, as they will lose 50% of their worth from doing so.)

After you have scanned a item in the crafter, you can dissolve that item for mass. The mass is stored and can be used to fabricate any scanned item. The fabricator also contains an auto-mass producer, which makes mass passively. However, it is slow for how expensive it is. The fabricator can be upgrade to increase dissolve speed, increase fabricating speed, increase maximum amount of mass, and increase auto-mass production.

Tree Farm

The Tree Farm is used to grow items. The player can plant saplings, which will grow into trees over time. The more time the tree grows, the faster it will produce. Currently, there are only two types of sapling, rubber and void-rock, which produce rubber and void essence respectively.


The manufacture tab is used for boosters. Boosters, as the name implies, boost things, currently there are three things they boost: resource drops, producer production (normal) and wave acceleration. To unlock the recipes to craft boosters you will need to buy the upgrades on the side of the grid, once you get them, go to the recipes tab to craft them. To use the boosters, go to the manufacture tab and place the boosters in the grid. Please note that spreading them out is more efficient because boosters are multiplicative like that. Boosters and materials needed to craft them are not scannable due to balancing. The upgrades you buy are:

1. Unlock tier 1 boosters and 4 grid slots

2. Unlock the dustribute button found below the grid and also unlock 4 more grid slots

3. Unlock tier 2 boosters, rainbow dust, void rock saplings, and 4 further grid slots

4. Unlock tier 3 boosters and 4 final grid slots.

The formula for how much each booster stack boosts go as follows: 1+boostBase+boostDifference(stack size-1)/(1×1018-1)exponent. The max boosts for individual stacks are:

Acceleration Resource drops Producer production
Tier 1 .01, .01, .05 .05, 1.95, .2 .01, .99, .05
Tier 2 .02, .03, .05 .15, 2.35, .2 .05, 1.7, .05
Tier 3 .05, .05, .05 .75, 2.25, .2 .25, 2.75, .05


See also: Skills (Upgrade)
  • Faster Machines - Increases the production speed of all machines by 50%.
  • Full Capacity - Increases the resource production by 2% for each unique item type inside the production grid.
  • Infinite Rubber - Doubles the stock limit of all shop items and halves the refill time. Also the refill time of rubber changes to 0.1 sec. per item.
  • Auto-Fill - Allows you to automatically fill the contents of the crafting grid with the requirements of the selected recipe.
  • More Ores - Doubles ore output from shard refining.
  • Advanced Refining - Reduces the basic refining time per shard from 5 seconds to 2 seconds.

Exotic Skills

See also: Exotic Skills
  • Machine Handling (Exotic gem.png) - Allows you to pick up machines from their machine slot via right click and place them back via left click.
  • Chemical Lumps (60 Exotic gem.png) - Changes the recipe for ore lumps to only use 4 dust of the previous tier.
  • Battle Producers (25 Exotic gem.png) - Increases the production of all producers by 1% for each second that passes during an active tower run. Resets upon quitting or restarting. Does not affect exotic producers.