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The Factory is a building where you make production modules. Production modules produce a specific amount of resources per second.

To craft production modules you need to either purchase your materials or refine and combine your own with machinery.

Max. Tier 10
Conversion rate 150:1
Color theme Red

You need materials from the Mine in order to refine better materials.

1. Crafting Grid 2. Inventory 3. Machines 4. Recipes 5. Production 6. Shop 7. Refining

From left to right: ingot, plate, circuit plate, screw/bolt, wire, cable, metal bar/rod, Circuit Wires,pipe, ring, dust.


Upgrades to the factory increases inventory space, crafting grid space, and unlocks new recipes.

Main Screen


Located on the bottom right. Things you buy and make can be placed here.

Click and drag the items to move them around, and into the crafting grid.

Right click with an empty mouse picks up half of the selected item. Right click with a full mouse places down one of the held items, holding right click with a full mouse and dragging places one item on each empty tile.

Clicking on the white cube with an X through it will delete the items you are holding.

Crafting Grid

Located on the left of the factory screen

You can display recipes here from the recipes list, items needed are represented by transparent icons, you can fill them in by dragging the items in from your inventory.


Machines are used to process items into different items, which can find them in the recipe list.

When a machine is producing, right clicking the machine removes one of the items, and shift right clicking removes all items at once from the machine.

Every tier of machine is twice as fast as the previous tier.


The oven is used to turn ore and dust into ingots.

Note: It is not advised to turn ore directly into ingots, and instead crush it first into dust as this doubles your ingot output per ore.


The assembly is used to turn cables into circuit wires.


The refiner is used to turn ingots into cables, cables into wires, and plates into circuit plates.


The crusher is used to turn ingots and ore into dust.


The cutter is used to turn metal rods into bolts.


The presser is used to turn rubber balls and ingots into plates, and stacked plates into dense plates.


The mixer is used to turn ore lumps into dust.

This allows you to combine lower tier dusts into a higher tier at a 1:8 ratio.


Belts do not make any items, instead they double your shard refining speed.


The shaper turns ingots into metal rods, metal rods into rings, and plates into pipes.


The boiler turns blocks into dense blocks, and can also revert dust into a previous tier at a 1:4 ratio.


The recipe tab is where you find all the machines, producers, and items you can't make with machines.

Clicking the cross-hair icon of a recipe adds transparent items onto the crafting grid as a guide for you to fill out.


The producer tab is where you install your producers.

They make various resources at a specific rate, which also runs when offline, as in when you close your game and come back.

Probably the best source of resources for mid-game

Name / Tier Sprite Production / Sec. (Default) Production / Sec. (Town Resources)
Producer (T1)
0.02 0.25
Producer (T2)
10 150
Producer (T3)
27500 300000
Producer (T4)
765 M 100 T
Producer (T5)
- 100 QI
Producer (Gems)
1000 -
Producer (Exotic)
0.001 -


The shop is where you can buy materials and items with red cubes, without having to make them.

The items in the shop however have a stock limit, that replenishes over time when not capped. Shift clicking buys five at a time, and right clicking buys the entire stock at once.


The refining tab is where you refine shards dug up from the mine into ores.

This allows you to get higher tier items than can be found in the shop.

The belt is important is reducing the time it takes to refine material.





Machine Handling

Allows you to pick up machines from their machine slot via right click and place them back via left click.

Chemical Lumps

Changes the recipe for ore lumps to only use 4 dust of the previous tier.