Trading Post

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Trading Post
Max. Tier 5
Conversion rate 6000:1
Color theme Columbia Blue

The trading post is a building used to exchange cubes.


Trading deals appear at the right side of the screen, requesting a random amount of a certain resource and giving a randomly chosen resource in return at equal value. Successful trades are then removed from the list. Every 10 minutes (The timer is at the bottom left of the menu) the trading deals are reset.


  • Input ratio: Less resources are required in a trade to get the normal output.
  • Output ratio: Normal resources used offer more resources than normal.
  • Deal modifiers: Every upgrades allows trade values to be multiplied, in order of x1, x2, x5, x10, x100

Building tiers

Every tier allows more trading deals to show up on the trade board.


None yet.

Exotic Skills

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