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Here is a collection of community curated guides for players for the purpose to help them in progressing in the game.

If we miss out anything in the guide, feel free to create a Topic over on the Discussion page of the respective guide.

This page and all sub-pages within are currently under construction. Information presented may be incomplete. (subject to change)
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Early Game

For players who have just started playing. The game may seem complex at first, but the game can be broken into several chunks each with their own unique goal.

Military Tier 0 (For new players)

Main Article: Military Tier 0-1

Welcome to The Perfect Tower II! The first two tiers, MT0 and MT1 are just here to get you familiar to the main game loop. It may seem hard at first but don't worry.

Military Tier 1 (Military Perks and Workers)

Main Article: Military Tier 0-1

With the recent Quality of Life updates to the game, focusing on early game progression, you get very useful tools on your first tier-up!

Military Perks

Read More: Military Perks

Military Perks are powerful skills that come in groups of three which are fixed to the three Military Tiers that the group reside. (1-3, 5-7, 9-11 and 13-15)

You get to choose one Military Perk every time you tier up. The first group that are available to you would be Backups, Libraries, and Improved Conditions.

  • Backups make it such that you don't lose all your module levels upon tiering up. Instead, starting from your next tier up, modules start at Tier 1 Level 100 (or T1 Max).
  • Libraries boost the amount of Town XP you gain from killing enemies by 1% (cumulative) based on how many skills you have.
  • Improved Conditions increases your maximum worker slots by 2 per tier up instead of 1.

Each 4th tier you get to choose a specialization, which unlocks a building's second floor (see below)


Read More: Workers

Workers are a form of early game automation that helps free the player from micromanaging some things. You gain one worker slot per Military Tier, inclusive of MT0.

Actions that workers can do include, but are not limited to:

  • Mining Resource Layers in the Mine and digging a New Layer once the current one has been fully mined.
  • Refilling Fuel Sources in the Power Plant when they deplete.
  • Start a Refinement in the Factory that targets the specified tier of ore and collect it once it's complete.
  • Water the soil in the Laboratory Nature Experiment.
  • Upgrading modules when in Tower Testing.

Military Tier 2-3 (Challenges and Exotic Skills)

Main Article: Military Tier 2-3

Here we are, MT2 and MT3. You should have unlocked the last two Buildings: Shipyard and Statue of Cubos upon reaching MT2.

Military Tier 4-5 (Automation and Specializations)

Main Article: Military Tier 4-5

This guide is for players who have just unlocked the Facility AI (MT4) and are looking into automating progress.

With the Military Perks update (v0.9.0), players also unlock the ability to choose a Specialization that boosts gameplay in interesting ways, depending on the path they chose.

Specializations (Military Perks: Floor 2)

Main Article: Specializations, Read More: Military Perks: Specializations

Upon reaching MT4, you get the chance to choose the first of three specializations. Specializations unlock the Second Floor of the associated Building. (Each specialization works offline and during runs)

Each specialization has its own perks, and you eventually get to unlock all three of them. You get the opportunity to choose a second and third specialization at MT8 and MT12 respectively.

Factory: Crafter & Fabricator (Idle Path)

With the Factory Specialization, you unlock two machines (and a tree farm) that help create materials efficiently!

The Crafter scans materials for it to learn their crafting recipes and mass produce them!

Craft saplings to grow trees in the Tree Farm that make resources rain down above your heads!

Too little space left in your inventory but don't want to waste materials? Taking that you have scanned the items previously, the Fabricator dissolves any unwanted materials to gain mass that can be used to make any other scanned material in bulk!

If you're ready to spend a lot of time in the factory, this path is for you.

Power Plant: Dyson Sphere (Active Path)

With the Power Plant Specialization, you get to harness the sun's energy and make your tower more able to take on those pesky enemies!

Create Drones using resources, launch them and create Dyson Rings around the sun.

Use drones to create Dyson Power to boost various aspects of your tower. If not actively powered, unless locked by a Dyson Ring, these boosts slowly decay.

Boosts include boosted Resource Drops, Module Drops and the long requested x3 speed!

If you have the urge to micromanage all of your adjustments and your drone army at once, this path is for you.

Mine: Asteroid Mining (Mixed Path)

With the Mine Specialization, you aren't bounded to the confines of the Earth anymore as you reach for the stars and mine asteroids in space!

Scan the vast emptiness of space to find asteroid clusters and find out what valuable loot lurks within. You can also opt to do a quick scan but it will not yield any hints.

Set up your Drill to mine these asteroid clusters to gain resources, artifacts, modules, and more!

If you like having a mix between idling and being active, this path is for you.

Mid Game

Difficulty icon.png Warning: This section contains spoilers about Era.

You should have unlocked all 15 regions at this point, so now the real game begins! Good Luck!

This is the point in the game where endless mode becomes the main focus for progression.

Military Tier 6-7 (Endless Runs)

Main Article: Military Tier 6-7

Early Era (Era Primer)

Main Article: Military Tier 8-10

Mid Era (Evolution)

Main Article: Military Tier 8-10

Late Game

Difficulty icon.png Warning: This section contains spoilers about Infinity.

This point in the game is where the focus starts to shift.

Late Era (to Infinity and Beyond)

Main Article: Military Tier 11-13


Main Article: Military Tier 11-13

Current Endgame

Main Article: Military Tier 14-15

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Credits to all the users who have helped in creating guides for each stage of progression and to those that allowed us to reproduce their guides from steam or from the discord server.