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Here is a collection of community curated guides for players for the purpose to help them in progressing in the game.

This page and all sub-pages within are currently under construction. Information presented may be incomplete. (subject to change)
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Early Game

For players who have just started playing. The game may seem complex at first, but the game can be broken into several chunks each with their own unique goal.

For new players

Main Article: mt0-1

Military Tier 1 (More Mechanics)

Main Article: mt0-1

Military Tier 2-3 (Exotic Upgrades)

Main Article: mt2-3

Military Tier 4-5 (Automation and Specialisations)

Main Article: mt4-5

This guide is for players who have just unlocked the Facility AI (MT4) and are looking into automating progress.

Mid Game

This is the point in the game where endless mode becomes the main focus for progression.

Military Tier 6-7 (Endless Runs)

Main Article: mt6-7

Early Era (Era Primer)

Main Article: mt8-10

Mid Era (Evolution)

Main Article: mt8-10

Late Game

This point in the game is where the focus starts to shift.

Late Era (to Infinity and beyond)

Main Article: mt11-13


Main Article: mt 11-13

Current Endgame

Main Article: mt14-15

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Credits to all the users who have helped in creating guides for each stage of progression and to those that allowed us to reproduce their guides from steam or from the discord server.