Experiment: Earth

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The Earth Experiment
Experiment Earth icon.png

The Earth experiment is one of 12 experiments in the laboratory, available at laboratory tier 3.

The goal of the Earth Experiment is to get a certain amount of density.


Drills dig up earth, upgrades collect earth faster. Additional drills can be purchased. Upgrades and drills cost increase exponentially.

Compression reduces volume/diameter and raises density. Stability can be reduced depends on compression mode, if the stability depletes to 0% the experiment will be stopped and have to be reset.

The density will eventually reach a maximum, at 80 * (4/3)3*log3mass, which is approx. 80 * mass0.78557852143. This means to get all the modules, you must have at least 2.7e7kg mass, and to complete all goals, you must have at least 8.92e12kg mass.

Compression modes

  • Slow & Safe: Drills get slower the higher compression rate gets (stopped at maximum rate), slow compression but won't reduce stability.
  • Quick & Dangerous: Drills can continue normally regardless the compression rate, very fast compression but drains stability
  • Stabilize: Only increases stability and slows down the drills.


Prestige resets all your drills, mass and diameter and will require you to have a certain amount of mass drilled. Every prestige multiplies the prestige goal by exactly 1.33, so the current goal mass is 1.33prestige-1 * 100kg.

You must choose between 2 bonuses:

  • -20% Stability loss & +10% stability gain: Reduces the stability loss when using Quick & Dangerous compression mode and Stabilize mode will increases stability more quickly
  • +30% Compressor React & +5% Drillpower: Increases the compressor reaction (the compressor will reach higher compression rate faster) and increases amount of mass drilled


Density Reward
1,750kg/m3 Offensive Earth Taste
6,000kg/m3 Defensive Steel Foundation
30,000kg/m3 Defensive Gravel
125,000kg/m3 Defensive Titanium Hull
2.5Mkg/m3 Ultimate Avalanche
55Mkg/m3 Offensive Earthquake
1,000*1.5lvl kg/m3 +(lvl+1)% Earth damage
1,500*1.6lvl kg/m3 +(lvl+1)% Earth resistance