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Max. Tier 3
Conversion rate 100000:1
Color theme Pink

The Arcade is a building where you can play a small collection of arcade games.

Playing the games will earn you tokens which you can turn in for prizes.


Upgrading the arcade does nothing currently.

It will unlock new games, and items in the shop later on.


Here you can spend tokens to buy modules.

Later there will be more stuff to buy.


There is one game right now, but there is more to come.

Perfect Space


A space shooter game, where shooting asteroids and enemies increases score and experience.

The goal is to survive for 7 minutes, obtaining 10 tokens every minute, +30 upon winning.

Upgrades (R to open):


  • Power: Increases the damage of that spaceship's bullets.
  • Max health: Increases the maximum capacity of spaceship health.
  • Health Regeneration: Increases the speed of spaceship health regeneration.
  • Movement Speed: Increases the speed which the spaceship moves.
  • Attack Speed: Decreases the interval between shooting bullets.
  • Bullet Size: Increases the size of the spaceship's bullets.
  • Dash: Reduces the cooldown of dash. (Hold direction and up arrow)
  • Shotgun: Reduces the cooldown of shotgun. (Q to activate)


  • Leech: Restores health based on damage dealt.
  • Piercing: Bullets go through all obstacles and enemies, instead of disappearing on contact.
  • Multishot: Occasionally Shoots two additional bullets to the side in a V pattern.


None yet.

Exotic skills

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