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Max. Tier 12
Conversion rate 50:1
Color theme Blue

The workshop is a building where you can upgrade your tower using modules.


Building Tiers

Upgrading the workshop increases the blueprint module cap.


Modules are used to upgrade the tower. As the name implies, they are modular and thus can be switched around freely.

Clicking a module opens the info and upgrade menu above the module storage area. I.png is information; S.png is stats. The x1, x5, and x25 options purchase levels by that amount if possible. 10% and 100% uses that percentage of your resources in upgrading the module. MAX instantly maximizes the module if possible.

Modules can be upgraded up to level 100 at the base tier.

Additional module tiers are unlocked using the military inside the headquarters. Each additional tier increases the maximum level cap of a module by 100 each tier, and usually increases a static effect of the module.

Percentage based modules are usually capped at tier 5, additive modules are usually infinite.

Currently, there are 110 modules, but there is planned to be 800.

There are four categories of modules:


Increases damage output or ability to kill enemies.


Increases tower survivability.


Gives a benefit that is not necessarily offensive or defense. May be economic benefit, or a complementary boost to offensive and defensive capabilities.


Rare modules that have extremely intensive boosts, which can be offensive, defensive, or even utility. Usually found as ending goals in laboratory or super hard goals in arcade. (Probably eventually)

Active Modules

Active Modules are a sub-category of modules that require manual activation in game, using up energy, and which can be any of the 4 categories.


The blueprint is where modules become active, and are inactive when in storage.

Double clicking a module places them in the blueprint. Click and dragging also works.

Blueprint has a module limit.



Exotic Skills

No exotic skills yet.