Experiment: Darkness

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The Darkness Experiment
Experiment Darkness icon.png

The Darkness experiment is one of 12 experiments in the laboratory, available at laboratory tier 5.

The goal of the Darkness Experiment is to find particles in the dark.


There are three sliders that help locate and find a particle:

  • Radar: Rotates direction, to help directly face a particle, or get a particle within the scanning angle range. When a particle is inside the scanning angle range, the graph starts to form a smooth wave that moves from right of the graph to the left of the graph. Max height of the smooth wave is achieved when facing directly at the particle, with a smaller smooth wave the farther the particle is from exact direction. The closer the particle is the faster the wave will move.
  • Noise filter: (The arrow on the left bar beside the graph). Lowers how impactful noise is on the graph, as noise is just random readings on the graph that makes finding a wave difficult. Higher noise filter may make the finding particle easier.
  • Speed: Changes how fast travel speed is in a visual direction. When getting closer to a particle, the graph smooth wave gets bigger, the particle can be seen on the radar when close enough and the button will appear showing it's distance to the center. Once the particle is in reach, clicking the button collects the particle. Neglecting to capture the particle results in moving past the particle and getting out of range.

There are two upgrades to help find a particle:

  • Scan angle: Increases the search angle for a particle, allowing for more accuracy with using the angle slider.
  • Noise reduction: Reduces base noise, not affecting the smooth wave at all.


Prestige will resets all upgrades and reduces the particle by an amount required to prestige. There are 4 bonuses to choose to prestige.

  • Chance-Upgrade: Increases the chances to get more particles. Chances trigger independently upon collecting and the reward is being multiplied. (for example: when dual, tri, and quad-particle is triggered at the same time, you will get (2 x 3 x 4) = 24 particles.
  • Radar (Radius): Increases the radar visual distance by 0.5m
  • Max. Distance: Reduces how further the particle can go from the center by 1m. (resulting in closer spawning from the center).
  • Particle (Prestige requirement): Reduces particle required to prestige by 2%

Prestige bonuses are additive


Particles Reward
5 Offensive Darkness Taste
15 Defensive Heartstopper Aura
30 Defensive Shield of Darkness
50 Defensive Unholy Aura
75 Offensive Unholy Missile
Varies +% Darkness damage
Varies +% Darkness resistance