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Era is a phase of the game which opens up at Military Tier 8. Era begins when the player reaches wave 100B in endless mode on any difficulty of a given region.

Upon reaching Era, enemies gain an Era shield and various Era powers, depending on their element.

Every time you hit wave 100b, the era counter increases by 1. For example, if you are in era 5 and hit wave 100b, your era increases to 6.

There are several ways to combat the era enemies' shield and various powers, which most are found in Workshop-->Stairs

Here is a general overview of Era workshop. INCLUDES SPOILERS!(credit to @TECHTERROR731 on the discord)

Tab 1

In the first tab of the stairs, you will find various bars, 2 for each element to fill. In order to fill these bars, you must kill era enemies of that element and get hit by them (You must take at least 0.1 damage to count as a hit) during tower testing. Once a bar is filled for an element, you can reveal it to find out one of the element's era powers. When both bars are revealed for one element, that element may now be disabled and will appear in tab 2 and unlock tab 2 if you haven't already done so. You may need to reach era in different regions if you want to reveal all the elements.

Tab 2

In the second tab of the stairs, you will find many bars and buttons. At the top, you will see your era dividers. These divide the era shield of era enemies so it is easier to destroy and survive them. You can increase your dividers by pressing the two buttons beside each icon. Under your era dividers you will find a variety of bars and buttons. These let you decrease the cost to disable the powers of each element. The two buttons over the bar will let you speed up the process, at the cost of some hits taken and enemies destroyed.

Tab 3

In the final tab of the stairs, there is a bar and many tabs. The bar will let you decrease the cost to temporarily increase your dividers while in a round of the tower testing. You can also speed up the process by using gems once you get the Chained Mannequin or you can speed up it with the power plant once you get the Ominous Coil artifact. Under the bar there are many tabs. These let you gain elemental essence which can unlock modules to the right of the bar. Once you get to Military Tier 9, elemental essence will also give you a damage boost for each essence you have.

Era Powers

Era disables.png

Every enemy has certain powers based on the element it has. These powers can be disabled by using the new Era tab during Tower Testing, at the cost of Tower Testing XP. The formula for the XP cost of disables is base_cost * (100 + 0.9 * base_cost)disables, where base_cost is the initial cost (starts at 1000, but can be reduced in Tab 2), and disables is the number of already-disabled powers.

Note that the costs of already-disabled powers don't matter, so it can help to save your lowest-cost disable for last.

The enemy powers are as follows:


Attack icon.png Kills - Deals 25% additional random-element damage.

Defense icon.png Hits - Non-neutral tower damage is reduce by 95%.


Attack icon.png Kills - Ignores shield.

Defense icon.png Hits - Explodes on death.


Attack icon.png Kills - Slows the tower by 250%.

Defense icon.png Hits - 80% to reduce damage to 10% of MAX. HP.


Attack icon.png Kills - 100% Lifesteal.

Defense icon.png Hits - +25% HP/sec. & +5% MAX. HP/sec.


Attack icon.png Kills - Chance to stun the tower.

Defense icon.png Hits - 55% chance to block incoming damage.


Attack icon.png Kills - Warp / Dash Movement.

Defense icon.png Hits - Reflects 10% of incoming damage. (Based on HP, gets multiplied with Era shield)


Attack icon.png Kills - Always archer + Impetus. (Can be boss)

Defense icon.png Hits - Immune to stun.


Attack icon.png Kills - Deals 25% of current tower hp as pure damage. (Gets multiplied with Era shield)

Defense icon.png Hits - Invisible until close range.


Attack icon.png Kills - Reduces resistance against all elements.

Defense icon.png Hits - Shield that grants 1 sec. invulnerability.


Attack icon.png Kills - +100% damage split across all elements.

Defense icon.png Hits - 40% chance to fully heal after lethal hit.