Experiment: Air

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The Air Experiment
Experiment Air icon.png

The Air experiment is one of 12 experiments in the laboratory, available at laboratory tier 4.

The goal of the Air Experiment is to build up pressure inside a chamber.


Compressors take in oxygen and force it into the chamber. You can buy multiple compressors. The upgrades for compressors are:

  • Capacity: How much oxygen a compressor can hold.
  • Power: How fast the compressor pushes oxygen into the tank, aka how quickly the compressor bar goes from 100% to 0%
  • Recharge: How fast the compressor fills up with oxygen, as in how fast the compressor bar goes from 0% to 100%

Hulls increase oxygen retention rate, reducing the pressure loss rate.


Prestige resets all the compressors and hulls, you have to choose between 2 bonuses:

  • +20% Compression Effect: Increases the compression effect
  • +10% Hull Effectiveness: increases how strong the hull is.

All bonuses are multiplicative.


Pressure Reward
202,650 Pa Offensive Air Taste
1.01M Pa Defensive Shield of Air
5.07M Pa Offensive Air Slice
Varies +% Air damage
Varies +% Air resistance