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The Power Plant is a building where you generate electricity to give speed boosts to other buildings.

Power Plant
Max. Tier 6
Conversion rate 800:1
Color theme Yellow


Upgrading the power plant unlocks a new tier of technology to generate energy faster.


The power grid is where you place structures in order to generate and store energy.

You can place structures by selecting one from the list on the left of the screen, and then clicking an empty tile.

To delete a structure, click the filled tile while you have any structure selected from the list.

Structures can connect with each other without the use of pipes, but pipes can be used to use resources more efficiently at times.


This is where you spend your energy to speed up other buildings:

The more energy you use, the longer and stronger the boost is.

You can boost multiple buildings at the same time, but selecting less makes the individual boosts better.


These are your structures for use in the power grid.

You can unlock more by upgrading the Power Plant.


Water Pump

Provides infinite water.

Basic setup for tier 1.

Fluid Pipe

Transports 1000L of gas or fluid per tick.

Currently used to move water from a water pump to a coal boiler, and to move steam from a coal boiler to a steam turbine.

The pipe is gray when empty, blue when filled with water, and white when filled with steam.

Yellow Battery

Adds +2000 power capacity.

Can be placed anywhere, and is not needed to be connected to anything.

Tier 1

Coal Chest

Provides 2500kg of coal.

Needs to be placed next to a coal boiler.

Has to be replaced periodically, as it will run out of coal.

Coal Boiler

Turns 100L of water, and 4 kg of coal into 30L of steam.

Needs to be connected to a water pump and a coal chest to function.

Steam Turbine

Transforms 10L of steam into 30 power per tick.

Needs to be connected to an active coal boiler to generate energy.

Tier 2

Oil Barrel

Provides 10000L of oil

Can be placed anywhere, as long as a fluid pipe connects it to an oil furnace.

Oil Furnace

Turns 20L of oil and 200L of water into 100L of steam.

Gas Tank

provides 20000L of gas.

can be placed anywhere, as long as fluid pipes connect it to a gas turbine.

Gas Turbine

Turns 25L of gas into 100 power per tick


None yet.