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Power Plant
Max. Tier 6
Conversion rate 800:1
Color theme Yellow
Yellow resource.png

The Power Plant is a building used to generate electricity to give speed boosts to other buildings.


Power Grid

The power grid is where you place structures in order to generate and store energy.

You can place structures by selecting one from the list on the left of the screen, and then clicking an empty tile.

To delete a structure, right-click the filled tile while not having any structure selected from the list. Doing so will refund you 25% of the resource you spent buying the component. This can be increased to 50% if you have Component Recycling Skill.

Structures can connect with each other without the use of pipes, but pipes can be used to use resources more efficiently at times.


This is where you spend your energy to speed up other buildings:

The more energy you use, the longer and stronger the boost is.

You can boost multiple buildings at the same time, but if they are boosted at exactly the same time then they have to split the energy for the boost, and so the boosts will be weaker. If you are using workers to restart boosts this isn't a problem in practice, because the periods of each building are different, and so each building will end up boosted at a unique time.


Boosting applies a percentage of the total available energy (10%, 25%, 50% or 100% depending on your selection) towards boosting. If there are multiple buildings being boosted simultaneously, the energy is split between them. (This splitting will not be shown in the preview numbers before you boost, but it will be apparent afterwards.) Call this energy being allocated to boosting a building BoostEnergy.

Then BoostEnergy is divided between time and effectiveness based on the position of the slider. For effectiveness, the slider runs from 1% to 100% of BoostEnergy, and for time the slider runs from 100% to 1%. This does mean that the overall energy sums to 101%! Call the amount after the the slider PostSlider.

For both time and effectiveness, PostSlider is used as follows: Result = log(PostSlider) * Perks * BaseValue. When displayed, Result is rounded for effectiveness, but truncated for time. The base for the log is 10 normally, or 7 with the Super Boost skill. Perks include Town Perks, as well as the 1.25 multiplier from Max Power if at full power (only applies to effectiveness). The table of BaseValues is:

Building Time Effectiveness
Construction Firm 4:00 20%
Factory 3:00 15%
Mine 3:20 18%
Headquarters 2:00 22%
Shipyard 5:00 10%
Museum 3:00 15%


These are your structures for use in the power grid.

You can unlock more by upgrading the Power Plant in the Construction Firm.

You can upgrade structures if they are upgradeable. All costs are rounded to the nearest resource. The power plant runs at 10 ticks/sec.


Water Pump

Provides infinite water.

Cost: 25 * 1.5qty

Basic setup for tier 1.

Fluid Pipe

Transports 1000L of gas or fluid per tick.

Cost: 5 * 1.5qty

Currently used to move water from a water pump to a coal boiler, and to move steam from a coal boiler to a steam turbine.

The pipe is gray when empty, blue when filled with water, and white when filled with steam.

Yellow Battery

Adds +2000 power capacity.

Cost: 50 * 1.5qty

Can be placed anywhere, and is not needed to be connected to anything.

Upgradeable: +1% Total Capacity per Yellow Battery (add.) (5 times), +50% Power Capacity (15 times)

Note that the Total Capacity bonus applies to all batteries, as well as the base 1000 power! I.e. if you have fully upgraded Yellow Batteries and have 10 of them, they're providing +50% to all capacities.

Tier 1

Coal Chest

Provides 2500kg of coal.

Cost: 40 * 1.5qty

Needs to be placed next to a coal boiler.

Has to be replaced periodically, as it will run out of coal.

Upgradeable: +25% Coal (mul.) (30 times, Cost: 25000 * 3lvl)

Coal Boiler

Turns 100L of water, and 4 kg of coal into 30L of steam.

Cost: 150 * 1.5qty

Needs to be connected to a water pump and a coal chest to function.

Steam Turbine

Transforms 10L of steam into 30 power per tick.

Cost: 60 * 1.5qty

Needs to be connected to an active coal boiler to generate energy.

Tier 2

Oil Barrel

Provides 10000L of oil

Cost: 1000 * 1.5qty

Can be placed anywhere, as long as a fluid pipe connects it to an oil furnace.

Upgradeable: +20% Oil (mul.) (30 times, Cost: 100000 * 3lvl)

Oil Furnace

Turns 20L of oil and 200L of water into 100L of steam.

Cost: 17500 * 1.5qty

Gas Tank

provides 20000L of gas.

Cost: 2000 * 1.5qty

can be placed anywhere, as long as fluid pipes connect it to a gas turbine.

Upgradeable: +20% Gas (mul.) (30 times, Cost: 125000 * 3lvl)

Gas Turbine

Turns 25L of gas into 100 power per tick.

Cost: 5000 * 1.5qty

Tier 3

Water Turbine

Uses 20L of water to provide 3 power per tick.

Cost: 20000 * 1.5qty

Can be connected with pipes or directly to a Water Pump

Solar Panel

Produces 1 power per tick (0 when raining).

Cost: 10000 * 1.5qty

Wind Turbine

Produces 0~4 power per tick (min. of 0 without wind and max of 4 when there is a hurricane).

Cost: 12500 * 1.5qty

Red Battery

Gives +25000 to power capacity.

Cost: 2000 * 1.5qty

Tier 4

Lava Pump

Provides 10M L of lava.

Cost: 25000 * 1.5qty

Lava can be moved with a fluid pipe.

Thermal Generator

Turns 100L of lava and 100L of water into 200 power per tick.

Cost: 50000 * 1.5qty

Can be connected with a pipe or directly to a lava pump.

Tier 5

Fission Reactor

Transforms 1Kg of Uranium and 100L of water into 200L of steam.

Cost: 100000 * 1.5qty

Uranium Box

Provides 50000Kg of Uranium.

Cost: 75000 * 1.5qty

Upgradeable: +10% Uranium (mul.) (30 times, Cost: 5000000 * 3lvl)

Blue Battery

Gives +500000 to power capacity.

Cost: 50000 * 1.5qty

Tier 6

Fusion Reactor

Transforms 250L of He3 into 500L of Plasma

Cost: 1750000 * 1.5qty

Helium3 Tank

Provides 100000L of He3

Cost: 500000 * 1.5qty

Upgradeable: +8% Gas (mul.) (30 times, Cost: 25000000 * 3lvl)

Plasma Pipe

Transport 1000L of Plasma per tick

Cost: 100000 * 1.5qty

Plasma Turbine

Transform 100L of Plasma into 5000 power per tick

Cost: 500000 * 1.5qty


See also: Skills (Upgrade)
  • Quantum Grid - Allows components on the power grid to connect to components on the opposite edge of the grid.
  • Super Boost - Using more power for boosts has a higher impact on duration/effectivity. (Log10 -> Log7)
  • Max. Power - Increases the effectiveness of all active boosts by 25% (multiplicative) if the current amount of power exceeds the maximum amount.
  • Component Recycling - Increases the amount of resources returned from selling components to 50% instead of 25%.
  • Shutdown - Allows you to cancel boosts anytime. Does not refund any power!

Exotic Skills

See also: Exotic Skills
  • Hibernation Mode - Boosts stop losing their duration while the game is closed but still affect all buildings during that time as many they would normally do.