Construction Firm

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Construction Firm
Max. Tier 4
Conversion rate 60:1
Color theme Brown

The construction firm is a building that you use to build and upgrade other town buildings.


Building Tiers

Upgrading the construction firm unlocks more buildings to construct.


There is a list of buildings, each costs a certain amount of brown resources and take a certain amount of time. At the start, there are tutorial arrows that show how to use the construction firm.

When constructing a building, or upgrading a building, they are closed and not active/usable, except the construction firm itself. Cancelling a construction project refunds ONLY the brown resources. Gems used in construction are lost.

When constructing a building or upgrading one, they get covered in different shaded brown cubes to show that the building is being worked on.



Exotic Skills


Construction Queue

Allows you to queue up 2 buildings (3 if construction firm is maximized) Which are then automatically constructed one after another.

Security Measures

Allows you to use buildings while they are being constructed.