Experiment: Light

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The Light Experiment
Experiment Light icon.png

The Light experiment is one of 12 experiments in the laboratory, available at laboratory tier 3.

The goal of the Light Experiment is to create as much light as possible.



Launching a light particle creates light when hitting a wall, for hitting a wall fragments the particle leaving part of the particle on the wall as a light source, which also reduces how many lumens the particle has.

The statistics of the chamber are:

  • Bounceloss: How many lumens are lost from the particle when hitting a wall.
  • Lifetime: Amount of time that the particle is active.
  • Lumen: How bright the particle is.
  • Fragmentpower: How bright the fragments are compared to the particle at the time of impact.


Upgrades can help gather more light. The upgrades are:

  • Bounceloss: Reduces lumen loss on bounce.
  • Lifetime: Longer particle lifetime.
  • Lumen: Increases brightness of the particle.
  • Fragmentpower: Increases the percentage of fragment light compared to the particle (Eventually gets to the point that fragments give more light than the particle itself).


  • +35% Lumen; light splits up into multiple colors (Bonus multiplier for purer colors)
  • +5% Lumen and +90% Decay speed (light decays faster once the main orb is gone)

First prestige is at 100k; Prestige Formula: 100000 * 10Prestige lvl


Brightness Reward
5000 lm Offensive Light Taste
12,500 lm Defensive Dispel
750,000 lm Defensive Dryness Aura
6.25 lm Utility Recharge
Varies +% Light damage
Varies +% Light resistance