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The museum is a building where you look at statistics, gain boosts, and research artifacts.

Max. Tier 5
Conversion rate 45000:1
Color theme Grey

Building tiers

Museum tiers do nothing currently.


Here you can view your feats in Perfect Tower 2.

Reaching certain goals in statistics unlocks power stone slots.

The statistics are:

  • Time played (Having the game open, not offline)
  • Cylindro defeated (Boss fight)
  • Total gems collected
  • Total resources
  • Modules unlocked
  • Enemies destroyed

Power stones

Power stones, when in a statistic slot, give a 1% resource gain to town resources (Additive to each other). Power stones give bonuses based on their element type. The percentage boosts any offensive module that is the same element, such as nature taste, which has no effect if you have none of the specific elemental modules equipped. The percentage also acts as an elemental resistance, without the need or use of a defensive module.

These power stone effects are only for that element, so universal stones only boost universal modules and only gives resistance from universal enemies, not other enemies.

There is an inventory system for power stones, which just holds the stones for tiering up as the stones are not active in the power stone inventory.

Power stones have tiers, as in they can be combined together, if they have the same tier, in the combine section below the inventory. Simply click combine to turn 3 power stones into 1 power stone that is a higher tier. Each tier increases the elemental effect, going up by 0.5% every tier. The resistance effect caps at 99.9%, but the module effect is infinite.

The cube button to the right of the combine button opens the transmute menu

Transmute menu: Combines all 8 elements into 1 universal stone of any tier. The 8 stones have to be the same tier.

The buy button opens the power stone shop.

Power stone shop: Gives the ability to buy tier 1 power stones of the 8 elements for the cost of 1e3 museum resources. Fill inventory toggle buys as many stones as is possible the fill up the power stone inventory. The red X button deletes the power stone placed on it.


Found in regions or boss fights

Right now there is only one artifact and it’s unlocked from the beginning.

Artifacts need to be researched, which gives a special mechanic, module or town asset.

Cubos Cube

Make it possible to fuse power stone into elemental ones


Placeholder furry.


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Exotic Skills


Statistics Boost

Doubles town resource bonus per statistic slot filled.