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The town is the main hub area in the game. While in the town, the player can access Buildings and even start a new round.


While in the town, citizens can be seen roaming around. However, they serve no functionality and are purely cosmetic.

The amount of citizens roaming around will increase by 3 per level, capping out at 100 citizens.

Town Assets

The player can place down town assets to customize their town. Each asset placed will increase white resource gain by 1% at base value.

The player has limited asset slots. Slots can be purchased using white resources up to a limit of 500.


  • Hovering over a citizen while in the town will show their name. Names include supporters of the patreon, or early access players.
  • While upgrading a building using the Construction Firm, construction can visibly be seen in the town view.
  • When a building which is under construction finishes it does a little pop animation where it gets slightly bigger and becomes smaller right after (taking about 0.3 seconds in total).
  • The 100 citizen limit was added because in the alpha BudEBoy got to level 300 and his game lagged because rendering 900 citizens is too much for the game.
  • The 500 town asset limit was added because in the alpha BudEBoy found out that placing 700 town assets broke the cloud save system since the cloud doesn't accept save files that are larger than 50 MB and placing town assets was really unoptimized.