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Military Tier 8

Mt8 is start of era. At era, enemies gain 2 unique passives per element and an era shield.

When starting era, you must analyse both passives of an enemy element to progress.

  • This is done by gaining enough hits and kills of that specific element.
    • For farming hits, do note that you must be in era (Wave 100B or higher) and be dealt at least 0.1 points of non-lethal damage.

Recommended build for start of Era

After analysing both passives of any element, you unlock the 2nd tab of Stairs -> Era. In this tab, there are permanent era shield divisor upgrades and element XP disabling costs. When you decrease the disabling cost of any element to 950 or lower, you unlock the 3rd tab in which you gain access to a big button and the ability to unlock Era-related Modules of that specific element.

Recommended build to grind hits

For mt8, analyse all elements on region 1, you don't need 3rd tab a lot. Unless you want to disable earth first, you will need the "Neutral Amplifier" module (2nd Neutral element era module), in the 2nd tab make permanent era shield divisors 10M-200M (1e7-2e8) and then go for mt9. Just a reminder that the requirement to get to mt9 is to get to era5 (wave 500B)

Military Tier 9

For mt9, you should max the button on era tab 3 (both maxes at 355), you can speed up the progress with "Chained Mannequin" and "Ominous Coil" artifacts

  • To acquire the Chained Mannequin => Disable the Era powers of any element and kill Era enemies of that element (0.25% drop rate per kill) (allows you to skip experiment on tab 3 with gems)
  • To acquire Ominous Coil => Disable the electricity Era power and kill electricity Era enemies (0.25% drop rate per kill) (power plant can boost workshop)

When you max the button on tab 3, you can go for mt10.

Military Tier 10

Mt10 is same as mt9, only difference is "???" requirement, to do it you need to disable neutral's power on Era 1m or above.