Military Tier 11-13

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Military Tier 11

Mt11 is end tier of era. Reaching era 1 on 15 unique difficulties or regions (each region has 6 available to get) boosts "Wave Horizon" software. (and all 90 Normal Modes Completed, boosting "Wave Storm" software based on museum stat, if you haven't yet.)

Get all era modules from tab 3.

Recommended build and AI

Military Tier 12

Mt12 is start of infinity. From now on resource producers are not so efficient, use infinity to farm resources. Try to get all infinity modules. Your goal is 3 REGIONAL INFINITIES, NOT INFINITY 3 ON SINGLE REGION. You can view infinity modules from modules tab.

Military Tier 13

Currently you can skip mt13. you need 10 REGIONAL INFINITIES for mt14. The reward of mt13 gives is related to mt14 so mt13 is not recommended.