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Workers is a mechanic that is available at Military Tier 1, used for early game automation before AI is unlocked. Once you tier up your military tier for the first time, you can access the worker page on the right side of the screen, with a button and a cube symbol on it.


To use workers, you need to buy them with a certain amount of gems, and the cost grows as you have more workers. There is also a hardcap on worker amount that is based on your Military tier. The cost for the xth worker is 100*3x-1, and the limit of workers is 1+MT. The worker limit can be further increased with a certain Military Perk.

Worker Cost Table
Worker # Worker Cost Total Cost
1 100 100
2 300 400
3 900 1300
4 2700 4000
5 8100 12100
6 24300 36400
7 72900 109300
8 218700 328000
9 656100 984100
10 1.968300E+6 2.952400E+6
11 5.904900E+6 8.857300E+6
12 1.771470E+7 2.657200E+7
13 5.314410E+7 7.971610E+7
14 1.594323E+8 2.391484E+8
15 4.782969E+8 7.174453E+8
16 1.434891E+9 2.152336E+9
17 4.304672E+9 6.457008E+9
18 1.291402E+10 1.937102E+10
19 3.874205E+10 5.811307E+10
20 1.162261E+11 1.743392E+11
21 3.486784E+11 5.230177E+11
22 1.046035E+12 1.569053E+12
23 3.138106E+12 4.707159E+12
24 9.414318E+12 1.412148E+13
25 2.824295E+13 4.236443E+13
26 8.472886E+13 1.270933E+14
27 2.541866E+14 3.812799E+14
28 7.625597E+14 1.143840E+15
29 2.287679E+15 3.431519E+15
30 6.863038E+15 1.029456E+16

There are four things you can change for each worker: task, interval, name and group. As of current game version(v0.9.4 B1), Worker name and group don't have any actual effect on gameplay, but in the future, the name and group can be used by AI for more advanced automation.

The default interval for workers is "Slow(5s)", which means that the worker would do the task once every 5 seconds. With gems, you can also unlock more interval settings, which allows the worker speed to be "Medium(2s)", "Fast(1s)", or "Very Fast(0.5s)". You can set the worker interval to any one you've unlocked. You can also pause some of the workers so that they stop working.

The cost for unlocking Medium(2s) is 1000 gems, Fast(1s) is 10000, and Very Fast(0.5s) is 100000.

Task List

Shown below are the different types of tasks workers can be assigned to. Different worker tasks unlocks by unlocking the corresponding building or floor it is associated with.

Tower Testing

Module Manager

Gives this worker permission to upgrade tower modules during tower testing.

Provides additional options!

  • Always upgrade cheapest using xp.
  • Always upgrade most expensive using xp.
  • Always upgrade cheapest using gems.
  • Always upgrade most expensive using gems.

Era Divider

Difficulty icon.png Warning: This section contains spoilers about Era.

These worker tasks unlocks after reaching Era.

Constantly tries to upgrade the damage and health dividers by one level. The upgrade order is based on the assigned rule.

Provides additional options!

  • Always upgrade cheapest.
  • Always upgrade most expensive.
  • Only upgrade health divider.
  • Only upgrade damage divider.


Storage Manager

Automatically replaces empty resource containers in the powerplant. Empty containers are being sold before being replaced.

Boost Restarter

Automatically restarts all boosts based on the current settings.

Make sure to configure your boosts in the power plant before assigning this task to a worker!

The Dyson Sphere

Difficulty icon.png Warning: This section contains spoilers about Powerplant Floor 2.

These worker tasks unlocks after unlocking the Second Floor of the Powerplant

Dyson Engineer

Automatically restarts the construction of dyson drones on every work tick if enough resources are available.



Orders shipments and collects them upon arrival.

Provides additional options!

  • 5 Min./15 Min./1 Hour/4 Hours/8 Hours/24 Hours


Water Plants (Nature Experiment)

Waters a single tile in the nature experiment garden every tick. Only dry tiles are being watered so wet tiles are automatically skipped.

Expand (Neutral Experiment)

Automatically uses the expand function of the neutral experiment on every worker tick.

Freezer (Water Experiment)

Automatically switches between charging the battery and activating the freezer of the water experiment. Does not interrupt pumping into or draining water from the tank.

Construction Firm


Automatically tries to upgrade any building that matches the specified criteria.

Provides additional options!

  • Always upgrade cheapest.
  • Always upgrade most expensive possible.


Buy & Combine

Buys 3x T1 Power Stones and performs a quick combine action per worker tick.

Provides additional options!

  • Fire/Water/Earth/Air/Nature/Light/Darkness/Electricity


Ore Manager

Automatically puts ores into the crusher to turn them into dust.

Ignores items in the crafting grid so you can use it to keep items away from this worker!

Refining Overseer

Restarts the refining process with the least amount of shards required to get the desired ore tier.

Provides additional options!

  • T1-T10

The Fabricator

Difficulty icon.png Warning: This section contains spoilers about Factory Floor 2.

These worker tasks unlocks after unlocking the Second Floor of the Factory.

Dissolving Expert

Automatically add an itemstack to the beginning of the dissolve queue of the fabricator based on your filter settings.

Make sure to configure your auto-dissolve settings in the fabricator before assigning this task!


Drill Operator

Automatically refills and restarts the drill on every work tick. Make sure to provide enough resources for fuel.


Digs up a single tile on each work tick provided there are enough resources to pay the digging price. If the entire grid is empty then a new layer will be generated instead.

Provides additional options!

  • Any Color Shard you have unlocked

Asteroid Mining

Difficulty icon.png Warning: This section contains spoilers about Mine Floor 2.

These worker tasks unlocks after unlocking the Second Floor of the Mine.

Asteroid Miner

Automatically starts drilling the next drill-able field in the asteroid cluster at the selected index if no other field is being drilled on the next work tick.

Provides additional options!

  • Mining cluster at position X of the list

Treasure Hunter

Automatically collects the next collectible reward in the selected cluster on a work tick.

Provides additional options!

  • Claim rewards in cluster at position X of the list


Disposes completed clusters on every work tick and tries to start scanning if no scan is currently active.

Provides additional options!

  • Perform quick scans
  • Perform regular scans


Worker Taskid's

Worker Task Id Table
Facility Name Taskid Description
Tower task.towertesting.upgrade Upgrades modules during tower testing ()
Tower task.towertesting.upgradeE Upgrades Eradividers during tower testing ()
Powerplant task.powerplant.replace Replacing empty power plant resource containers
Powerplant task.powerplant.restart Restarting the boosts inside the powerplant whenever they run out
Powerplant task.dyson.construct Constructing dyson drones in side the powerplant
Shipyard shipyard.shipping Ordering a new shipment and collecting it after it arrives ()
Laboratory task.laboratory.prestige Prestinging [Selection] in the laboratory
Laboratory task.laboratory.nature.water watering plants in the nature experiment
Laboratory task.laboratory.neutral.expand Expanding in the neutral experiment
Laboratory task.laboratory.water.freeze Freezing water in the water expirment
Laboratory Searching and collecting particles in the darkness experiment
Laboratory task.laboratory.gems.spin Spinning for gems in the gems experiment
Laboratory task.laboratory.gems.stack Inserting (#) stack(s) in the gems experiment grinder
Construction Firm task.construct Constructing buildings ()
Museum Buy 3x () Power Stones and do a quick combine
Museum Buy highest tier () Power Stones and do a quick combine
Factory factory.dissolveManagement Adding items to the dissolve queue of the fabricator
Factory factory.oreManagement Putting ores into the crusher
Factory factory.refiningManagement Restarting ore refining everytime it completes ()
Mine task.mine Mining and generating layers as long as layers are available (tab)
Mine task.mine.drill Refilling and restarting the mining drill
Mine task.mine.asteroid Mining asteroids at list index ()
Mine task.claim.asteroid Claming asteroid rewards at list index ()
Mine task.scan.asteroid Scan for asteroids () and dispose completed clusters
Arcade task.arcade.playLuckyWheel Spinning the Lucky Wheel in the Arcade
Arcade task.arcade.playJumble Playing Jumble in the Arcade

Trivia and Credits


  • Before workers got added, the Tower Customization button icon uses the cube symbol. It got changed to the current icon because worker button now use that icon.
  • In an earlier version, the worker task "Buy and Combine" can trigger a bug that crafts t51 gems.
  • Yes, you don't pay your worker more gems once you buy them. They are just sla[REDACTED]


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