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Upon reaching MT4, you get the chance to choose the first of three specializations from the military perks. Each specialization has its own perks, and you eventually get to unlock all three of them.

You get the opportunity to choose a second and third specialization at MT8 and MT12 respectively.

Difficulty icon.png Warning: This section contains spoilers about military perk specialization information and functions.

Factory: Crafter and Fabricator

 "Tired of crafting by hand? Then choose the factory path to unlock the crafter, fabricator, and tree farm to simplify crafting higher tier items as well as supplying you with an alternative to produce parts. Be prepared to spend a substantial amount of time in your factory."


The basic value of an item or an item's worth.

You can get mass by dissolving an item using the Fabricator, or by passively getting mass with the Mass Production Upgrade of the Fabricator.

The Crafter

Automates the ability to craft scanned items with a click by using the machines and crafting grid. It also has the scanner which is used to scan items.

To scan an item, you need to have a certain quantity of it (the items are consumed in the scanning process), and to have all ingredients needed to craft the item already scanned (Ores and rubber are the first items you can scan). Scanning an item will also cost Factory Resources, which varies depending on the tier of the item. The resource cost for each tier is as follows:

Tier Resource Cost Quantity
T1 100B 100
T2 100T 50
T3 100Qa 30
T4 100Qi 25
T5 100Sx 20
T6 100Sp 15
T7 100Oc 10
T8 100No 10
T9 100De 10
T10 100UDe 5

By default, the crafter will automatically craft all items required to make the requested items, recursively. You can also toggle the crafter to use any relevant items already in your inventory.

The Fabricator

Dissolves scanned items for mass, and Fabricates scanned items from mass.

Dissolving, it is the process of turning scanned items to mass, the amount of mass you can get from dissolving an item is based on 50% of its mass.

Fabricating, it is the process of turning mass to scanned items, the cost of fabricating an item is based on x4 of its mass.

Fabricator Upgrades

  • Fabricating Speed - Increases the amount of mass that can be used for fabricating per second.
  • Dissolving Speed - Increases the amount of mass that can be gain from dissolving per second.
  • Mass Production - Increases the amount of mass you gain passively per second.
  • Mass Capacity - Increases the maximum amount of mass you can contain.

The Tree Farm

Unlocks the ability to passively produce certain items from trees. (Unlocks at MT6)

You can get trees by planting saplings in the selected patch, and you can get saplings by crafting them. After planting saplings, you need to wait a certain amount of time for them to grow. Trees can produce items based on what tree they are, and the gain/s is based on total time they grow. This caps at 1 week or 168 hours where they reach the max gain/s.


The manufacture tab is used for boosters. Boosters, as the name implies, boost things, currently there are three things they boost: resource drops, producer production (normal) and wave acceleration. To unlock the recipes to craft boosters you will need to buy the upgrades on the side of the grid, once you get them, go to the recipes tab to craft them. To use the boosters, go to the manufacture tab and place the boosters in the grid. Please note that spreading them out is more efficient because boosters are multiplicative like that. Boosters and materials needed to craft them are not scannable due to balancing. The upgrades you buy are:

1. Unlock tier 1 boosters and 4 grid slots

2. Unlock the dustribute button found below the grid and also unlock 4 more grid slots

3. Unlock tier 2 boosters, rainbow dust, and 4 further grid slots

4. Unlock tier 3 boosters, void rock saplings, and 4 final grid slots.

The formula for how much each booster stack boosts go as follows: (stack size-1)/(1×1018-1).05, which is taken as a % to max boost for a stack. The max boosts for individual stacks are:

Acceleration Resource drops Producer production
Tier 1 Please Fill Please Fill Please Fill
Tier 2 Please Fill Please Fill Please Fill
Tier 3 1.1 Please Fill Please Fill

Power Plant: Dyson Sphere

 "Choosing this path will provide you the tools to construct the most powerful energy producing device in the universe as well as the Dyson boosting system which will amplify various aspects of either the tower or the speed at which you progress through the tower testing game. Choose this path if you want to primarily focus on tower testing!"

Dyson Sphere Information

Power Output
  • Amount of Dyson energy gained from Dyson per second.
  • Equals to drones/500, or each drone on space provides a 0.002/s Power Output.
  • Amount of rings formed around Dyson.
  • Used to stabilize a boost in Manipulations Tab.
Used Rings
  • Amount of rings used for the Manipulation Tab.
  • Amount of drones currently on space.
  • Collects Dyson energy from the Dyson Sphere.
  • Used for forming a ring.
Drones (on ground)
  • Amount of drones currently ready to be launched on space.
Dyson Energy
  • The energy harvested from the Dyson sphere.
  • Can be collected through Drones.

Construction Tab

Used to create drones, to launch them to space, and to form a ring.

  • Construction: Use some resource and spend some time to construct (x) drones(up to 1e15 total).

Base construction time is 10 minutes, amount is 1 drone, and base cost is 1e11 powerplant resource.

  • Launch: Launch up to (x) drones to space for them to produce Dyson Power.

Base launch time is 15 minutes no matter the amount. (You can't launch if a dyson ring is being formed.)

Note that this bar work differently, drones are launched as soon as you click the launch button, and then it comes a cooldown time, during which you can't click the launch button again.

  • Form Ring: Form a Dyson Ring with the help of launched drones. (more drones = less time)

The base time to form the first Dyson Ring is 100 hours, which gets reduced based your launched drone amount. Exact formula is max(1, (360000*(100^DysonRings))^(1-Drones/(10000000*10^DysonRings))) seconds.

Once dyson rings are formed, you can see a visual appearance of them in the overview, and you can use them in the Manipulations tab.

Construction Upgrades
  • Nanities Upgrade: increases the amount of drones that can be constructed by x2, but increases the price of constructing it by x3.

Can be bought 40 times, with the first level cost 1e12, and each next level cost 3.5x more.

  • Rocket Cargo Upgrade: increases the amount of drones that can be launched by x5.

Can be bought 20 times, with the first level cost 1e12, and each next level cost 9x more.

  • Space Elevator Upgrade (available at mt6): decreases the cooldown of launching drones by x0.9, and forming a Dyson ring by x0.8 .

Can be bought 40 times, with the first level cost 1e18, and each next level cost 4x more.

Manipulations Tab

Used to manipulate Dyson energy and turn them into useful boosts.

To get said boosts, click the black button with next to the bar, the bar will fill up based on your Dyson energy. After filling it up with enough Dyson energy, you will reach a milestone.

Each bar has milestones, each milestone gives a buff and each consecutive milestone gives more.

Each bar is also unstable, meaning not powering it will slowly reduce the amount of Dyson energy it has.

A ring has the power to stabilize a bar, making it not lose energy even if you're not powering it. To use a ring, simply click the black circle showing traces of the Dyson ring next to the boost you want to use the ring at.

Dyson Boosts
  • Town Resource Drops: x2 > x5 > x20 > x160 > x5000
  • Module Drop Rate: x1.1 > x1.25 > x1.5 > x2 > x3
  • Total Tower Damage: x5 > x17.5 > x75 > x500 > x10000
  • Incoming Damage: /2 > /5 > /20 > /400 > /25000
  • XP Drop Rate: x1.5 > x2.75 > x5 > x10 > x20
  • Wave Acceleration: x1.1 > x1.3 > x1.5
  • Power Plant Boost Factor: x1.1 > x1.2 > x1.3 > x1.5
  • Tower Attack Range: x1.02 > x1.05 > x1.1
  • Ingame time speedup: Speed x2 --> Speed x3

Changes to Power Plant Floor 1

Once you have unlocked dyson sphere, you would unlock a new structure, the dyson node, in powerplant floor 1.

Dyson nodes could provide a power gain itself without a need of other input, similar to Solar Panel and Wind Turbine. However, there is a special restriction that Dyson nodes can't be placed near each other(they can't share a common edge or corner).

The power income per Dyson node is x0.25, where x is your Dyson Power output in floor 2.

Mine: Asteroid Mining

"The earth is not enough so we are going to head for the stars. Asteroids can harbor precious artifacts, modules, and other treasures which are beneficial on your journey. Choose this path if you feel lucky."

Cluster Tab

Shows information about the clusters you have scanned.

Cluster, it is a group of asteroids.

Asteroids, these are big chunks of drillable rocks, contains a variety of items and boosts.

Scanning, it is the process of looking for clusters. The cost varies on what Military Tier you are currently on. Higher military tier also means you can find further clusters, which give more rewards, but also taking longer to drill.

At MT6, you unlock Fast Scan, it decreases the amount of time it takes to scan by 90%, but it doesn't show what possible rewards the cluster might have.

Switching, it is the process of switching what cluster you are currently observing in the asteroids tab.

Delete (right click), it is the process of deleting the selected cluster.

On the top of the cluster tab shows where the name, distance, and rewards the cluster has is shown, next to the clusters are the corresponding information.

Asteroids Tab

Shows the asteroids of the selected cluster.

Each asteroids have tiles which you can drill automatically by simply clicking a tile and pay some mine resource.

You can drill multiple tiles at once, but each extra tile you drill at once increases the time to drill all tiles by x1.5 multiplicative.

After the drilling is finished, a reward will show on the tile you drilled, clicking it will collect it. There is also an option on the top right to claim all of the current rewards shown.

Asteroid Mining Formula

The Formula for Asteroid Mining is: Time = 2 * Distance / DrillPower * 1.5TileMining-1.

Where, Time is the amount of time it takes to mine the selected tiles in minutes.

Distance is the distance of the cluster in AU.

DrillPower is the after-percentage power value of the Asteroid Drill(e.g. if drill power is 1000%, use 10 in formula).

and TileMining is the amount of tiles being mined in current asteroid(including the tile you currently select).


  • Scan Duration:
Decreases the amount of time it takes to find a cluster.
  • Asteroid Drill:
Increases the efficiency of drilling, or decreases the amount of time it takes to mine a tile.

Treasures Tab

Shows the different rewards and boosts (except factory items) you have gotten from asteroids.

Farther distances yield much better rewards.

Reward Types:

  • Modules
  • Artifacts
  • Boosts

Boosts increases your stats and comes in 3 different kinds:

  • Mine Rewards: Increases all your resource based mining rewards (town resources, mine shards, and gems).
  • Resource Drops: Increase all your resource drops from enemies during tower testing.
  • Damage Boost: Increases the total damage of the tower.
  • Factory Items

Item reward tiers are now linked to your current military tier.

  • At MT4, you can get T4 Factory Items and Below
  • At MT5, you can get T5 Factory Items and Below

And so on, and so forth.

  • At MT11, you can get the Gem Producer and Below
  • At MT12, you can get the Exotic Producer and Below

Trivia and Notes

The Dyson Sphere

The Dyson sphere also has a nice boost to the power plant itself, making it useful beyond just tower testing. It is also one of the cheapest specializations to make early progress in, making it particularly well suited as a first choice.

The Asteroid Mining

The asteroid mines give useful boosts, good artifacts, and randomly drop factory items as well. If you've been ignoring your factory, it can give you a quick leg up, or you can luck into a high-tier producer. The mine is also a good early choice.

The Crafter and Fabricator

Despite the description, factory floor 2 does not actually simplify crafting much - you will still be either crafting everything by hand (and then crafting 1000x more, in order to "scan" them), or getting an AI package to do it for you. It is also extremely expensive to progress, making it almost useless until MT8. It is highly recommended that you wait and get this specialization last.

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