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This is the page referring to Skills that are purchased using skill points that increase the capabilities of certain town buildings. To see Skills referring to the module type, please click here.

Skills can be purchased using skill points to enhance or add capability to certain town buildings. Skill points are acquired by leveling up your town level (by starting rounds and killing enemies).

Skills have a more powerful version called Exotic Skills, which can be bought with exotic gems.

Power Plant

  • Quantum Grid - Allows components on the power grid to connect to components on the opposite edge of the grid.
  • Super Boost - Using more power for boosts has a higher impact on duration/effectivity. (Log10 -> Log7)
  • Shutdown - Allows you to cancel boosts anytime. Does not refund any power!
  • Max. Power - Increases the effectiveness of all active boosts by 25% (multiplicative) if the current amount of power exceeds the maximum amount.
  • Component Recycling - Increases the amount of resources returned from selling components to 50% instead of 25%.


  • Detector - Automatically reveals the content of one covered tile without digging it up every time a new layer is being generated.
  • Deep Mining - Increases all resource, resource shard and gem rewards by 100%.
  • Collapsing Tunnels - Installs an automated drill that passively drills 1m/hour (even offline). Each mine tier increases the speed 0.5m/hour.
  • Offline Mining - Allows the mine to continue producing resource shards while the game is closed at 50% of the original speed.
  • Tank Expansion - Expands the tankvolume of the drill by 10 for each drillpower or fuel usage upgrade.
  • Advanced Drill - Increases the drillpower by 10% for each tier of the mine.


  • Faster Machines - Increases the production speed of all machines by 50%.
  • Full Capacity - Increases the resource production by 2% for each unique item type inside the production grid.
  • Infinite Rubber - Doubles the stock limit of all shop items and halves the refill time. Also the refill time of rubber changes to 0.1 sec. per item.
  • Auto-Fill - Allows you to automatically fill the contents of the crafting grid with the requirements of the selected recipe.
  • More Ores - Doubles ore output from shard refining.
  • Advanced Refining - Reduces the basic refining time per shard from 5 seconds to 2 seconds.


  • Sponsoring - Decreases the resource conversion rate of the headquarters by 5 for each completed difficulty in normal mode. Takes all unlocked regions into account.
  • Dealbreaker - Increases the base resource drop multiplier for each fulfilled contract by 0.5.
  • Offline Installing - Allows the headquarters to continue installing software while the game is closed.


  • Gambler's Luck - Raises the chance to recieve unique rewards.
  • High Stakes - Increases the amount of tokens gained from minigames.
  • Foretelling - Raises the luck factor for all minigames to the power of 1.1.
  • Fate Forging - Unlocks the ability to manually refresh the rewards of the Lucky Wheel.
  • Determination - Increase the luck factor in Adventure based on rooms cleared and distance to the starting room.
  • Extended Possibilities - Unlocks all rows of Jumble for potential reward combinations.


  • Science Funds - Reduces the conversion rate of laboratory resources by 1 per 5 experiment prestiges. The total sum of all prestige counts is used to calculate the resduction.


  • Sturdy Decks - Reduces the effects of bad weather by 50%
  • Precious Freight - Applies the shipment bonus to regular gems at a reduced rate of x^0.5.
  • Advanced Navigation - By taking longer shortcuts each shipment will yield more sea miles.
    • Raises the seamile multiplier to the power of 1.2 for all shipments that take longer than 5 minutes total

Trading Post

  • Super Trades- Provides a 10% chance that a super trade will appear instead of a regular trade which rewards twice as many crates. A super trade is indicated via a green arrow.
  • Trading Archives - Unlocks the ability to keep specific offers which are then not removed when the countdown for new trading offers triggers.
  • Accounting - Increases the maximum amount of available trade offers by 2.
  • More Crates - Crate amount rewarded from offers is 25% higher.
  • Merchant - Increases the base conversion factor from 10% to 20%.


  • Analysis - Doubles the chance to randomly unlock new modules.
  • Recycling - Reduces the conversion rate of workshop points by 1 for each tier of the workshop.
  • Synergy - Increases the total damage output of the tower by 1% for each offensive module inside your blueprint (additive to itself, multiplicative to other factors).
  • Engineering - Increases the blueprint size per workshop tier from 3 to 4.
  • Reforge - Increases the total damage resistance of the tower against any incoming damage type by 1% for each defensive module inside your blueprint (additive to itself).
  • Examination - Unlocks more detailed region information for the selected gamemode and difficulty. To open the detail screen click on the highscore while having a gamemode and difficulty selected.


  • Antique Economy - Reduces the conversion rate of the Museum by 4000 for each tier of the Museum.
  • Research Funding - Decreases the research costs of all artifacts by 15% for each tier of the Museum.
  • Faster Research - Decreases the research time of all artifacts by 10% for each tier of the museum. Unlocks instant research with gems.
  • Quick Combine - Automatically use highest tier power stones from inventory when combination slots are empty.
  • Primordial Power - Increases Power Stone resource boost by 1% * total Power Stone tier inside the loadout instead of 1% per Power Stone.
  • Power Prism - Boost the neutral element for each completed set of power stones (all 9 elements including universal) by the lowest tier of that set. (Having tier 9 stones of each element but earth and having a tier 3 earth stone will give the same neutral bonus as having only tier 3 stones of each element.)

Construction Firm

  • Fast Construction - Increases the construction speed of all buildings by 20% for each tier of the construction firm.
  • Cheap Materials - Decreases the construction cost of all buildings by 10% for each tier of the construction firm.
  • Magic Workers - Allows you to instantly finish an active construction project by using an exotic gem.
  • Offline Construction - Allows the construction of buildings to continue while the game is closed.
  • Construction Boost - Enables the ability to boost the current production by around 4% / sec. of the total time consuming 2.5 Gems / sec. until you stop.
  • Efficiency - Decreases the conversion rate from 60 to 40.

Statue of Cubos

  • Jack Of All Trades - Each unequipped boss module receives 5% of the total combat experience gained at the end of a fight
  • Public Training - Increases the combat experience gained at the end of a fight by 0.1% per town level.