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Resources are used to purchase various upgrades throughout the game.

List of resources

White resource.png White - Can be converted into other resources in their respective buildings.
Yellow resource.png Yellow - Used in the Power Plant building.
Orange resource.png Orange - Used in the Mine building.
Red resource.png Red - Used in the Factory building.
Purple resource.png Purple - Used in the Headquarters building.
Pink resource.png Pink - Used in the Arcade building.
Green resource.png Green - Used in the Laboratory building.
Cyan resource.png Cyan - Used in the Shipyard building.
Lightblue resource.png Lightblue - Used in the Trading Post building.
Blue resource.png Blue - Used in the Workshop building.
Grey resource.png Grey - Used in the Museum building.
Brown resource.png Brown - Used in the Construction Firm building.
Black resource.png Black - Used in the Statue of Cubos building.

Obtaining resources


White resources are primarily gained from Tower Testing. Each enemy killed will grant a number of resources depending on region, difficulty, current wave and any applied boosts.

White resources can also be gained from Producers.

Resource boosts

Other colours

All other resources are primarily gained by converting white resources. The conversion rate depends on the colour of resources you are converting to.

Like white resources, the other colours can also be gained passively from Producers.

Resource Conversion Rate
Yellow 800:1
Orange 120:1
Red 150:1
Purple 750:1
Pink 100000:1
Green 400:1
Cyan 100000:1
Lightblue 6000:1
Blue 50:1
Grey 450000:1
Brown 60:1
Black 250000:1

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