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Max. Tier 5
Conversion rate 45000:1
Color theme Grey
Grey resource.png

The Museum is a building where you look at statistics, gain boosts via Power Stones, and research artifacts.


Building tiers

Museum tiers do nothing currently.


Here you can view your feats in Perfect Tower 2.

Reaching certain goals in statistics unlocks power stone slots.

The statistics are:

  • Time Played (Having the game open, not offline)
  • Total Gems Collected
  • Total Resources
  • Factory: Shards Refined
  • Factory: Resources Produced
  • Power Plant: Total Power Produced
  • Shipyard: Resources Earned
  • Arcade: Coins Earned
  • Cylindro Defeated (Boss Fight)
  • Pyramidas Defeated (Boss Fight)
  • Cubos Jr. Defeated (Boss Fight)
  • Dodecai Defeated (Boss Fight)
  • Perfect Space: Highscore (Game in the Arcade)
  • Enemies Destroyed
  • Mine: Layers Generated
  • Mine: Tiles Uncovered
  • Trading Post: Total Times Traded
  • Modules Unlocked
  • Challenges Completed
  • Normal Mode Completed (The number of Regions you complete Normal Difficulty in)

Power stones

Power stones grant a boost to resource gain, as well as a boost to elemental damage. The amount of boost provided depends on the tier of the equipped power stones, modified by any bonuses such as town perks. All elements apart from neutral have a power stone, but universal power stones are only available through transmutation. With the Power Prism skill, power stones can also provide a boost to the neutral element.

Power stones can be purchased from the power stone shop, and must be equipped before they provide any bonus. Unequipped power stones can be upgraded to a higher tier by combining 3 power stones of the same tier. Higher tier power stones provide stronger boosts.

The number of power stones that can be equipped at once is determined by the available power stone slots, which can be obtained by completing statistics milestones.

Power stone shop

Gives the ability to buy tier 1 power stones of the 8 elements for the cost of 1,000 Grey resource. The Fill inventory button toggles the ability to buy a full inventory worth of power stones per purchase. The trashcan icon deletes any power stones placed in it.

Offshore market

Once the exotic skill is purchased, the offshore market becomes available. The offshore market sells higher tier power stones at an increased cost. The maximum tier power stone for sale is dependent on an upgrade purchasable with Grey resource resources, but will never exceed your highest obtained power stone for that element. Upgrading tiers costs 36000*1.8lvl to upgrade to max-tier (lvl+3); you start at maximum tier 2. Stones cost 2000*18tier-1 (except Universal stones which cost 10x as much), which gets expensive very quickly, so think carefully before upgrading your max-tier too high - there's no way to downgrade.

At any given time, there are 6 different elements of power stones available in the offshore market in varying tiers, chosen randomly. These power stones change every 1 hour; this timer can be sped up by employing Power Plant boosts. It is possible to find Universal power stones for sale in the offshore market, rarely.


After unlocking a certain artifact, power stones can be transmuted into universal power stones. Transmutation requires 8 power stones, one of each element, each with the same tier. This action consumes the power stones and produces a single universal power stone of the same tier.


Main article: Artifacts

Artifacts are hidden items that can be found and researched for unique rewards. Each artifact takes a set amount of time to research, but can be improved with Museum skills.


Achievements are unlocked after completing certain hidden tasks throughout the game.

The Achievements are:

  • Like That's Gonna Work (Start a round on Chaos without any module)
  • Konami Code (Enter the Konami Code in the Arcade)
  • Botanist (Complete Botany in the Nature Experiment)
  • Exotic Producer (Craft an Exotic Producer in the Factory)
  • You Spin Me Right Round (Kill Cylindro during his Slam attack)
  • Botanophobia (Kill all Vine Monsters before Eyes and Tesla coils)
  • Not A Scratch (Take no hit on Cubos Jr. Fight)
  • Born Under A Lucky Star (Don't discard any cards on Dodecai Fight)
  • Full Potential (Make a Tier 50 Power Stone)
  • First Producer (Craft a Producer in the Factory)
  • T10 Ore (Refine T10 Ore in the Factory)
  • Earth Tunnel (Mine 12,742,000 m in the Mine)
  • To Infinity (Upgrade a module past T5)
  • And So It Begins (Combine your first Power Stones)


See also: Skills (Upgrade)
  • Faster Research - Decreases the research time of all artifacts by 10% for each tier of the museum.
  • Statistics Boost - Doubles Town Resource bonus per statistics slot filled.
  • Power Prism - Boost the neutral element for each completed set of power stones (all 9 elements including universal) by the lowest tier of that set. (Having tier 9 stones of each element but earth and having a tier 3 earth stone will give the same neutral bonus as having only tier 3 stones of each element.)
  • Achievement Boost - Doubles the achievement conversion rate boost.
  • Quick Combine - Automatically use highest tier power stones from inventory when combination slots are empty.
  • Offline Research - Allows the research of artifacts to continue while the game is closed.

Exotic Skills

See also: Exotic Skills
  • Offshore Market - Unlocks the Offshore Market to buy higher tier Power Stones.