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Artifacts are hidden items that can be found and researched for unique rewards. Artifacts can be viewed and researched in the Museum.


Once unlocked, each artifact can be researched, and will only grant its reward once this process is completed. Researching takes a fixed amount of time.

There are two Museum skills which affect artifact research: the Faster Research skill improves the research time, while the Offline Research skill allows artifact research to continue while the player is offline.

All boss artifacts get a +100% base drop chance per kill on the respective boss(which is pretty much just base chance multiplied by boss kills)

List of artifacts

Difficulty icon.png Warning: This section contains spoilers about artifact unlock conditions and rewards.

There are currently 17 artifacts available to collect.

Name Unlock condition Reward
Broken Sword Click on the broken sword in Ocean Unlocks the broken sword town asset
Carrot Click on the snowman's carrot in Winter This strange object from the old world is made of 88% water, 9% carbohydrates, 0.9% protien, 2.8% dietary fiber, 1% ash, and 0.2% fat.
Increases resource drops by 5% per researched artifact.
Sign Click on the sign in High Mountain This was used for navigation before we invented the Quantum Positioning System, maybe we should examine where it leads to.
Increases module drop rate by 1% for each researched artifact.
Energy Sphere Boss1 (??% dropchance) Offensive Energy Sphere
Chained Mannequin Disable the Era powers of any element and then kill Era enemies of that element +300% XP cost research speed in the era research tab
Allows you to use gems to instantly finish the xp cost research
Metal Plating Boss 2 (15% drop chance) Defensive Metal Plating
Vine Monster Boss 2 (5% drop chance) Offensive Toxic Piranha Ivy
Incendiary Device Boss 3 (15% drop chance) Offensive Fire Bomb
Cubos Cube Boss 3 (100% drop chance) Unlocks the ability to transmute powerstones into universal powerstones
Dice of Fate Boss 4 (10% drop chance) Ultimate Dice of Fate
Necronomicon Boss 4 (5% drop chance) The fabled Grimore, from which so many magical devices and doomsday spells were derived. Even though our science is far more advanced than this ancient relic, we might be able to use it to enhance our spell casting abilities. -10% active ability cooldown
Ominous Coil Disable the electricity Era power and kill electricity Era enemies (0.25% drop rate per kill) Allows powerplant to boost workshop
Quantum Warehouse Asteroid Mining (Mine 2nd floor) Increases factory inventory size by 24 slots
Hyper Trading Table Asteroid Mining (Mine 2nd floor) +10% trading post resource conversion rate

+5% crate factor

Unstable Matter Asteroid Mining (Mine 2nd floor) +50% matter from dissolving items in the fabricator

-25% fabrication cost

Pumpkin Reward of the Halloween event (Oct.31st to Nov.7th, 2021) Gives 5% more town resources (this is subject to change).
Heart of the Cards Adventure (Arcade) +1% damage factor (tower) for each unlocked trading card.