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Military Perks are categorized into groups of three, separated by a specialization every fourth tier.

After each military tier you will get one point you can invest into an additional set of skills that will either give you bonuses to various stats or unlock new powerful features to aid you in your progress. There will be an equal amount of perks than there are military tiers so you will be able to max them out. Your military perk choices will define your play style rather than how fast you will be able to progress. The perk choices that are available to you are also grouped by your progression in the game so it is not possible to accidentally skill something that prevents you from progressing at an acceptable place. In the worst case scenario you will have to slightly adapt your play style.

- Taken from the steam news article that introduces Military Perks

Group 1 (MT1 to MT3)

The decision to store a copy of all your data and scientific progress turns out to save a tremendous amount of time in the long run.

Starting from the next military tier your modules will not be fully reset but instead set to tier 1 with their level maximized.

By combining the wisdom of all structures into one place you can accumulate new knowledge faster.

Increases town xp gained from tower testing by 1% for each skillpoint invested into a building skill.

Improved Conditions
By enhancing the working conditions on your island it becomes a substantially more attractive working place. Includes free healthcare for all cubes. 

Doubles the amount of worker slots.

Group 2 (MT5 to MT7)

Make sure to keep a duplicate of each module around from now on before you ship them to your contracting authority. Who are they anyway? 

Starting from the next military tier your modules will not be set to tier 1 but instead set to tier 5 with their level maximized.

Symmetrical Analysis
Applying the knowledge used in discovering new modules onto the basic understanding of the fundamental composition of enemies yields a higher amount of town resources upon their destruction. 

Multiplies resource drops from enemies with your module chance factor.

Existence Taxes
Thanks to your efforts there is an abundance of things present on your island. It is time to charge them for being there. 

Increases your total resource drops by 5% for each town level (additively with itself but multiplicatively with all other bonuses).

Group 3 (MT9 to MT11)

Difficulty icon.png Warning: This section contains spoilers about ERA.
Essence Purification
Condensing raw elemental essence further allows them to release more of their power.

Increases the base damage bonus per elemental essence in the workshop from 1% to 5%.

International Experts
Bringing in external sources of knowledge can  greatly enhance what your town is capable if. Don't underestimate sharing experience. 

Town perks now use your current military tier x 2 when calculating the total bonus of a perk. 

Combat Surveillance
Recording and rating the combat data of your tower in real-time seems to yield a significantly higher amount of experience than just trying to randomly guess its performance on the battlefield. 

Increases your tower testing xp drop rate by your town resource drop rate ^ 0.05.

Group 4 (MT13 to MT15)

Difficulty icon.png Warning: This section contains spoilers about INFINITY.
Twin Singularity
Analyzing the spacial spectrums of reality reveals that there is a second layer of infinities hidden in the opposite wave direction. 

Doubles your region infinity highscore in infinity stone calculations, leading to a double charging rate.

Time Warping
The infinity stones seem to possess strong reality warping properties. We should use them to further our quest in harvesting more of their powers. 

Each fully charged infinity stone increases the wave acceleration speed gained from software by 3% (additive with itself, multiplicative with other bonuses).

Eternity Anvil
Drenching the anvil into a sea of liquid infinity greatly enhances its forging capabilities. The fundamental particles that make up the anvil will be replaced with unfathomable eternal matter and infini-toms instead of atoms.

Increases the radius of the bonus circle in the anvil by 25% and raises the exponent for shards that do not belong to the primary category of a bonus from 0.75 to 0.8.

Specializations (One every 4th MT)

See also: Specializations
Power Plant: Dyson Sphere (Active Path)
Choosing this path will provide you the tools to construct the most powerful energy producing device in the universe as well as the dyson boosting system which will amplify various aspects of either the tower or the speed at which you progress through the tower testing game. Choose this path if you want to primarily focus on tower testing!
Unlocks the second floor of the power plant.

The dyson sphere also has a nice boost to the power plant itself, making it useful beyond just tower testing. It is also one of the cheapest specializations to make early progress in, making it particularly well suited as a first choice.

Mine: Asteroid Mining (Mixed Path)
The earth is not enough so we are going to head for the stars. Asteroids can harbour precious artifacts, modules, and other treasures which are beneficial on your journey. Choose this path if you feel lucky.
Unlocks the second floor of the mine.

The asteroid mines give useful boosts, good artifacts, and randomly drop factory items as well. If you've been ignoring your factory, it can give you a quick leg up, or you can luck into a high-tier producer. The mine is also a good early choice.

Factory: Crafter and Fabricator (Idle Path)
Tired of crafting by hand? Then choose the factory path to unlock the crafter, fabricator, and tree farm to simplify crafting higher tier items as well as supplying you with an alternative to produce parts. Be prepared to spend a substantial amount of time in your factory.
Unlocks the second floor of the factory.

Despite the description, factory floor 2 does not actually simplify crafting much - you will still be either crafting everything by hand (and then crafting 1000x more, in order to "scan" them), or getting an AI package to do it for you. It is also extremely expensive to progress, making it almost useless until MT8. It is highly recommended that you wait and get this specialization last.