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The Christmas Event is a yearly event held from December 1st to January 1st. It was added in 2022.

During the event, Dr. Cubical will put on a Santa hat, and call himself Dr. Frosticle (or Dr. Frostical?).


The event location is the Winter Wonderland, a far away place, and (presumably) colder than even the North Pole, accessible by the icon at the left of the screen or by clicking the reindeer sleigh near the Shipyard. Dr. Frosticle's Elven workforce works there to make presents, cookies, and milk for the holiday season. However, all the buildings to create them were destroyed, and you must help him rebuild, or else Christmas will be ruined!

There are 9 separate resources, all exclusively created and isolated in the Wonderland.

  • Cookies - The main event currency, used to rebuild and upgrade every building. Created from the Cookie Factory.
  • Presents & Trained Reindeer - Both give a White resource.png Town Resource bonus. Created from the Present Factory and Reindeer School respectively.
  • Milk - Increases the efficiency of workers except in the Coal Factory by 1+log(milk+1)/log(1000)*milk^0.03*0.25. Created in the Reindeer Milk Farm.
  • Milk Reindeers - Used to create Milk. Created in the Reindeer Milk Farm.
  • Reindeer - Used to create Trained Reindeer and Milk Reindeer. Created in the Reindeer Farm.
  • Toys, Wrappings, & Trees - Trees are used to create Wrappings, and it and Toys are used to create Presents. Created in the Toy Factory, Present Factory, and Tree Factory respectively.


One of the main features of the winter event is the Winter Calendar, an upgrade grid that reveals two upgrades for every day that passes and allows you to chose a number of perks equal to the current day. Perks can be reset every 12 hours or 30 minutes if the calendar upgrade is selected.


Just like the halloween event the winter wonderland has quest that can be completed for permanent rewards.


One of the main mechanics of the winter wonderland is the Temperature Factor of buildings. Every -10C a building is at will halve the production of that building.

Building tiers

The tier of a building may be upgraded using cookies.