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Hi, this is me, and today (and maybe forever if you come back everyday) I'll be giving you editing tricks for pages :D

1) Once you got finished with the page, go to the source code and add what I just typed :

If you got anything that could help begginers, you can write it here :)

  1. In case you ever make a mistake, there is an undo button up top.
  2. Make sure to use proper grammar and capitalization, as everyone will see what you edit.
  3. If you reference any other existing pages, please add a link leading to that page with the shortcut Ctrl + K
  4. There is a "Format Paragraph" option in the toolbar while you edit, this can be useful if you plan on adding information that needs an explanation or a description.
  5. Whenever you feel like saving your changes, at the top right there will be a "Save Changes" button. Before you actually save your changes, please make sure to summarize what you changed and clarify if it was a minor change or not.