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This page serves to chronicle all of the game's updates from 2020, listed in reverse chronological order. Only updates from 2020 are listed on this page; for other versions, see version history.


31 December – 0.6.5 B2

  • No patch notes

31 December – 0.6.5 B1

New Stuff

  • added wave acceleration factor to in-game stats UI
  • added waves skipped per interval to in-game stats UI
  • [PC] added Discord rich presence integration
  • [PC] added fullscreen option
  • [PC] added display resolution option


  • updated description of wave catalyst to match internal mechanics
  • turned more modifiers into names modifiers
  • improved help pages


  • fixed Factory producing invisible T11 and T12 ores
  • fixed Factory items in hand not being saved
  • fixed attack speed buff of module 'Dice of Fate'

28 December – 0.6.4 B1

New Stuff

  • added new AI function ('Screen: Width')
  • added new AI function ('Screen: Height')
  • added confirm dialog when aborting shard refining (Factory)
  • added error info dialog to AI script import
  • added thousand separators to wave counter
  • extended Headquarters help pages


  • current screen width and height is now displayed in the debug overlay


  • fixed a minor importing issue with AI scripts
  • fixed AI modulo operator being case sensitive
  • fixed Power Plant components automatically refilling if they were empty after loading a savegame
  • fixed Power Plant resource containers leaking resources if they are connected to pipes and other components at the same time

25 December – 0.6.3 B2

  • fixed all issues that happened due to wrong compiling
  • fixed metal plating reflecting non-reflectable damage

25 December – 0.6.3 B1

New Stuff

  • added tooltips to beacons
  • added tooltips to museum
  • added tooltips to mine
  • added more Dr. Cubical hints
  • added a holiday surprise
  • added experimental dynamic UI scaling option
  • added a notification icon when the game is saving to cloud
  • added help pages (WIP)
  • added AI action ('show/hide town window')
  • added AI function ('is window open?')
  • added module 'Sun Energy'
  • added module 'Moon Energy'


  • refactored a lot of code
  • replaced some unity events with our own event system to reduce memory leaks
  • improved UI performance
  • improved help system
  • Factory item count is now using the selected formatting while in a slot, but displays the full number when picked up
  • manual save button also triggers a cloud save
  • cloud saves can only be triggered every 60 seconds
  • stats menu (Town) also displays attribute modifiers (WIP)


  • fixed era research button text size
  • fixed camera depth issue in Jungle and Dark Realm region
  • fixed typo in Dr. Cubical hint
  • fixed scripts delete hotkey working while name box is focused
  • fixed impetus and infinity impetus bonus being additive with other bonuses instead of multiplicative
  • fixed soul harvesting being influenced by damage multipliers
  • fixed Factory recipes sometimes not being able to be previewed due to non-rectangular shaped recipes
  • fixed attributes not refreshing when stats menu (Town) being opened the first time

15 December – 0.6.2 B2

  • fixed Boss 4 not dropping one of the artifacts
  • fixed a few minor things

15 December – 0.6.2 B1

New Stuff

  • added Boss 4 'Dodecai'
  • added artifact 'Dice Of Fate'
  • added artifact 'Necronomicon'
  • added module 'Dice Of Fate'
  • added software 'Wave Horizon'
  • added achievement 'Born under a lucky star'
  • added Factory hotkeys to options menu (craft all + cancel production)


  • energy regeneration is now percent based
  • reduced museum base achievement boost (1% => 0.5%)
  • changed energy color (Cylindro fight)
  • adjusted producer values (Factory)


  • fixed 'Death Aura' price
  • fixed 'Snap of Destiny' having more than one tier
  • fixed 'Darkness Shield' T5 and T6 having equal stats
  • fixed 'Unholy Aura' T6 stats
  • fixed module tier being set for hidden modules on tiering up
  • fixed module level being set for infinity modules on tiering up
  • fixed tower assets having colliders in boss fights
  • fixed infinity modules displaying tier 1 when being dragged
  • fixed shield value scaling on higher tiers
  • fixed nature era enemies healing the tower

7 December – 0.6.1 B3

  • added hints to plants
  • improved resource display performance
  • fixed AI component clamping on loading
  • fixed module order in-game
  • fixed scrolling not being possible while a module is being dragged in the workshop

4 December – 0.6.1 B2

  • changed 'analyzing' button to a timer in artifact research
  • fixed async projectile distance checking
  • fixed artifact research time not loading
  • fixed artifact offline research time not working

4 December – 0.6.1 B1

New Stuff

  • added artifact 'Chained Mannequin'
  • added version number to options menu
  • added epsilon deltas to universal experiment goals to compensate floating point arithmetic problems


  • reduced 'sign' artifact research cost and time
  • extended factory help
  • changed the UI color of artifacts
  • minor adjustments


  • fixed AI min/max for int requiring doubles
  • fixed air compressors not disappearing in lab air experiment upon prestige

2 December – 0.6.0 B3

  • temporarily disabled statistics api
  • fixed button flickering in conversion UI
  • fixed construction firm cancel issue

1 December – 0.6.0 B2

  • fixed typo in Dr. Cubical hint
  • fixed AI script limitations for imports and existing scripts

30 November – 0.6.0 B1

New Stuff

  • added 'new game' screen with skip tutorial options
  • added statistics for perfect space highscore
  • added statistics for arcade coins earned
  • added reward system for boss 1,2 and 3
  • added login/logout for the new website
  • added module 'Boss Shield'
  • added module 'Fire Splash'
  • added module 'Water Splash'
  • added module 'Earth Splash'
  • added module 'Air Splash'
  • added module 'Nature Splash'
  • added module 'Light Splash'
  • added module 'Darkness Splash'
  • added module 'Electricity Splash'
  • added module 'Energy Recycling '


  • changed ToS
  • saves with an older version will no longer load
  • massive module refactoring
    • changed almost all damage values of modules
    • changed all energy costs
    • changed most cooldown times
    • reduced stun durations
  • changed how 'Frost Nova' works
  • wizzard typ enemies are now affected by slow
  • switched module unlock locations
  • changed condition to get Daigoparry
  • stuns only last 20% of their original duration on bosses
  • replaced useless conversion input buttons
  • enemy hp/dmg is now rounded to 1 decimal place
  • refactored attack speed
  • improved module 'lucky shot'
  • changed construction firm gem boost to instant finish with gems
  • increased construction firm prices
  • adjusted building prices
  • changed workshop T1 construction time (30=>10)
  • audio options menu is grouped into categories
  • wiki pages that are not required are now hidden until they become relevant
  • changed arcade shop item color
  • statistics use the new save system
  • construction firm used the new save system
  • changed Arcade libary UI
  • bosses provide rewards only on the first defeat per tier
  • temporarily locked Arcade infinity rewards at Tier 4 to prevent players from locking themselves out of future progression
  • changed Perfect Space Main Screen to show controls
  • adjusted exotic skill prices
  • clean up options UI
  • improved island road layout
  • various minor polishing
  • updated Patreon and town citizen names


  • fixed first round not providing town xp if both tutorials are skipped
  • fixed navmesh in region heaven
  • fixed wiki page color issue
  • fixed Perfect Space description

27 November – 0.5.6 B1

  • added statistic 'Shipyard: resources earned'
  • added 'Quantum Fading' module
  • added 'Power Conversion' module
  • temporarily lowered module requirement for military tier 14 (325->259)

27 November – 0.5.5 B4

  • added 'Mine: reduce layer refresh time' infinity perk
  • added 'Factory: tenfold production and machine speed' infinity perk
  • added 'Infinity Burst' module
  • added 'Eternal Wall' module
  • fixed fire infinity stone boiler requirement
  • fixed in-game UI caching issue

26 November – 0.5.5 B3

  • added missing factory item 'circuit wires' to AI item count
  • fixed remove buff function for modules

26 November – 0.5.5 B2

  • fixed 0 hp/dmg modifiers in challenges
  • fixed universal infinity stone cylindro tier requirement

26 November – 0.5.5 B1

New Stuff

  • added upgrades to Boss #3
  • added AI script export/import
  • added new challenge to forest (#6)
  • added statistic 'Mine: layers generated'
  • added statistic 'Mine: tiles uncovered'
  • added statistic 'Factory: resources produced'
  • added statistic 'Trading Post: total trades'
  • added statistic 'Power Plant: total power produced'
  • added statistic 'infinity stones: times used'
  • added 'precious freight' skill to Shipyard
  • added 'armored cargo bay' exotic skill to Shipyard
  • added 'reset town perk cooldown' infinity perk (military tier 13)
  • added 'permanently reduce town perk cooldown' infinity perk (military tier 14)
  • added 'Forest Gift' module


  • module 'Death Wish' now has a max tier (250)
  • current era and infinity affect module drop chance
  • exotic gems and gems are fully decoupled from shipment bonus
  • exotic skill buttons are fully clickable instead of only the lower half
  • infinity multiplies resource drops by (inf+1)^1.5
  • 'infinity forge (permanent)' now requires military tier 14


  • fixed some typos
  • fixed earth experiment not refreshing goals when compression is off
  • fixed minor darkness experiment loading issue

24 November – 0.5.4 B2

  • changed universal shield priority (0 -> 200)
  • darkness experiment prestige screen only switches back to main screen if there are not enough particles to prestige again
  • values are now clamped in the darkness experiment
  • fixed darkness experiment collect button flickering

24 November – 0.5.4 B1

New Stuff

  • added more hints from Dr. Cubical (early game)
  • added new challenge to forest (#5)
  • added Infinity Perk for Trading Post
  • added 'Universal' module


  • overhauled earth experiment
  • era essence research duration increases in 10min steps instead of 15min
  • era essence research price has been considerably lowered
  • era multiplier has a new formula to prevent value overflow
  • era multiplier behaves more like a gradient instead of instantly jumping to infinity


  • passive modules that have a specified energy cost will no longer work if the tower has no energy

23 November – 0.5.3 B1

New Stuff

  • added 'Wave Floor' software (MT14)
  • added 'Era Floor' software (MT14)


  • Power Stone market UI now refreshes when opened
  • overhauled the darkness experiment
  • adjusted condition for neutral infinity stone


  • fixed exotic refinement button being available for infinity stones that haven't been unlocked yet

21 November – 0.5.2 B1

New Stuff

  • added Secret Codes (beta)
  • added 'Recharge' module
  • added 'Quantum Defense' module
  • added 'Shatter' module
  • added 'Infinity Reflect' module
  • added 'Gravel' module


  • lowered requirement for military tier 13
  • fixed critical wave jump ignoring era after infinity 1
  • fixed non-unlocked modules counting for maximized modules condition

21 November – 0.5.1 B1

  • added module 'Unholy Missile'
  • fixed era hp/damage bug
  • fixed 'Diamond Foundation' not being unlockable
  • fixed 'Air Slice' not being unlockable
  • fixed typos

20 November – 0.5.0 B1

New Stuff

  • added line numbers to AI script actions
  • added new military tier rewards that change the starting module tier after prestige
  • added new debug tools
  • added missing factory items to AI count items function
  • added 'min' and 'max' functions to AI
  • added 'round', 'floor' and 'ceiling' functions to AI
  • added special type module filter to workshop
  • added infinity content
  • added 'infinity forge'
  • added 'infinity module logic'
  • added infinity menu to workshop
  • added infinity perks
  • added software 'Era Burst'
  • added software 'Era Swirl'
  • added module 'Photosynthesis'
  • added module 'Pressurize'
  • added module 'Air Slice'
  • added module 'Frost Splash'
  • added module 'Super Tower'
  • added module 'Super Tower 2'
  • added module 'Super Tower 3'
  • added module 'Death Aura'
  • added module 'Shield of Frost'
  • added module 'Snap of Destiny'
  • added module 'Unfolding'
  • added module 'Phasing'
  • added module 'Condense'
  • added module 'Granite Foundation'
  • added module 'Steel Foundation'
  • added module 'Magma Foundation'
  • added module 'Diamond Foundation'
  • added module 'Condense'
  • added module 'Solar Strike'
  • added module 'Tideshift'
  • added module 'Shockwave'
  • added module 'Focused Multishot'
  • added module 'Relay'
  • added module 'Incineration'
  • added module 'Fire Protection'
  • added module 'Water Protection'
  • added module 'Earth Protection'
  • added module 'Air Protection'
  • added module 'Nature Protection'
  • added module 'Light Protection'
  • added module 'Darkness Protection'
  • added module 'Electricity Protection'
  • added module 'Fire Exchange'
  • added module 'Water Exchange'
  • added module 'Earth Exchange'
  • added module 'Air Exchange'
  • added module 'Nature Exchange'
  • added module 'Light Exchange'
  • added module 'Darkness Exchange'
  • added module 'Electricity Exchange'
  • added module 'Universal Exchange'
  • added module 'Neutral Exchange'
  • added module 'Fire Impetus'
  • added module 'Water Impetus'
  • added module 'Earth Impetus'
  • added module 'Air Impetus'
  • added module 'Nature Impetus'
  • added module 'Light Impetus'
  • added module 'Darkness Impetus'
  • added module 'Electricity Impetus'
  • added module 'Fire Subsistence'
  • added module 'Water Subsistence'
  • added module 'Earth Subsistence'
  • added module 'Air Subsistence'
  • added module 'Nature Subsistence'
  • added module 'Light Subsistence'
  • added module 'Darkness Subsistence'
  • added module 'Electricity Subsistence'
  • added module 'Infinity Foundation'
  • added module 'Storm Synergy'
  • added module 'Gaia Synergy'
  • added module 'Sun Synergy'
  • added module 'Void Synergy'
  • added module 'Serious Missile'
  • added module 'Quantum Speed'
  • added module 'Universal Infinity'
  • added module 'Infinity Splash'
  • added module 'Infinity Impetus'
  • added module 'Infinity Range'
  • added module 'Infinity Shield'


  • temporarily lowered requirement of military tier 12
  • increased 'frost aura' base drop chance 0.08% -> 0.8%
  • increased 'ice shards' base drop chance 0.5% -> 1%
  • max tier of armor modules is now 100 instead of 101
  • zero damage events don't influence the final color of damage text anymore
  • changed how resistance works
  • all software upgrades are now toggleable in the options menu
  • changed how era damage/hp divider workshop upgrades affect multiplier scaling for higher eras
  • era enemies with infinite hp multiplier do not take damage anymore except from instant-death modules
  • unlocking era modules consumes at most as many essence as needed to get 100% unlock chance
  • font now supports rendering of extended ASCII spectrum
  • max module tier is not capped properly to prevent overflow
  • 'infinite damage' is now displayed as 'unlimited' on the result screen and has a different icon
  • updated credits
  • updated citizen names


  • fixed exotic experiment not displaying "fabrics of reality" in mixed scientific notation
  • fixed Power Stones do not cost any resources
  • fixed wave turning 0
  • fixed assassins and archers ignoring attackspeed
  • fixed negative percentage not being displayed correctly in scientific formatting


  • removed texture quality setting

26 October – 0.4.4 B1

  • added AI function to retrieve machine state of factory machines
  • added MT9
  • added town assets perk
  • added basic logic for end-game content
  • added era elemente essence damage bonus
  • added "XP Bonus" module
  • added "Shield Amplifier" module
  • added "Era Surge" software
  • renamed "resistance (abs.)" to "armor" to match with in-game tower stats
  • changed tower customization UI
  • tower customization now uses a direct screen camera to display the tower instead of a render texture
  • fixed era experiment not refreshing on research completed
  • fixed cubos jr. being available in MT5
  • fixed toggle to use gems via hotkey if no gems have been collected so far

12 October – 0.4.3 B2

  • added AI function "Factory: Try produce"
  • fixed AI scripts not reloading after deleting a script
  • fixed memory leak that kept special effect script instances alive

5 October – 0.4.3 B1

  • added event data pool to Debug UI
  • added option to set maximum sound effects to 0
  • added challenge #3
  • added challenge #4
  • added "Stab Prevention" module
  • added "Planned Strike" module
  • reworked challenge UI
  • reworked idle mode
  • improved performance of colored skill point display
  • fixed workshop era tabs not updating after revealing enemy modules

30 September – 0.4.2 B2

  • min levels of upgrades are clamped to zero if negative
  • removed debug code

29 September – 0.4.2 B1

  • added "examination" skill to workshop
  • added endless functions to more modules
  • fixed buffs not saving in power plant due to recent changes

29 September – 0.4.1 B3

  • moved achievement to new save system
  • moved options to new save system
  • fixed trading post perk displaying the wrong value
  • fixed museum market not being initialized

28 September – 0.4.1 B2

  • fixed mutation #5 in nature experiment
  • fixed background of modules not refreshing after unlocking them in the town

28 September – 0.4.1 B1

  • added "Shield Of Nature" module
  • added "Violent Seeds" module
  • added "wave catalyst" software to Headquarters
  • added "first producer" achievement
  • added "exotic producer" achievement
  • added "t10 ore" achievement
  • added "challenges completed" statistic
  • added "normal mode completed" statistic
  • added "factory shards refined" statistic
  • added more plant mutations to the nature experiment
  • added in-game statistics menu
  • added memory usage to debug screen
  • added the state of the x2 button in-game to savegame
  • changed Museum UI
  • changed exotic skill "statistics boost" to regular skill
  • optimized workshop module display
  • moved more things to the new save system
  • buff instances are now manually cleared when entering town
  • number of AI scripts is now displayed in Headquarters
  • increased factory base inventory size by 12 slots
  • fixed fire experiment resistance limit
  • fixed absolute resistance module priority
  • fixed a few minor issues

23 September – 0.4.0 B4

  • added reset to town perks
  • refactored module logic
  • fixed a buff instance leak

21 September – 0.4.0 B3

  • active modules refresh energy cost when tower max. energy changes
  • changed era shield/damage from e30 to e20 per era
  • fixed skills scrollbar scroll sensitivity
  • fixed buff instance error message

21 September – 0.4.0 B2

  • added "wave endurance" software to Headquarters
  • fixed Firebreath/Icebreath not being affected by damage modifiers
  • fixed splash dealing too much damage
  • fixed typo in blueprint upgrade price formula
  • values of neutral experiment are now sanitized after loading

21 September – 0.4.0 B1

New Stuff

  • added modules to enemies
  • added prestige to universal experiment
  • added new region artifact
  • added particle effect to region artifacts
  • added "you spin me right round" achievement
  • added "botanophobia" achievement
  • added "and so it begins" achievement
  • added "full potential" achievement
  • added "to infinity" achievement
  • added "earth tunnel" achievement
  • added "not a scratch" achievement
  • added "Max. Power" skill to Power Plant
  • added "Power Prism" skill to museum
  • added "Achievement Boost" skill to museum
  • added "Offshore Market" exotic skill to museum
  • added military tier 7
  • added military tier 8
  • added "wave persistence" software to Headquarters
  • added "wave instability" software to Headquarters
  • added "wave vortex" software to Headquarters
  • added "new bounds" software to Headquarters
  • added "conversion rate" to Town stats display
  • added era analysis to workshop
  • added era research to workshop
  • added era experiment to workshop
  • added highest crafted power stone tier to savegame
  • added in-game intro to era phase
  • added new module "Firebreath"
  • added new module "Bulwark"
  • added new module "Frost Nova"
  • added new module "Combustion"
  • added new module "Neutral Amplifier"
  • added new module "Dark Sacrifice"
  • added new module "Critical Strike"
  • added new module "Conductor"
  • added new module "Fiery Aura"
  • added new module "Dryness Aura"
  • added new module "Ice Breath"
  • added new module "Fire Block"
  • added new module "Water Block"
  • added new module "Earth Block"
  • added new module "Air Block"
  • added new module "Nature Block"
  • added new module "Light Block"
  • added new module "Darkness Block"
  • added new module "Electricity Block"
  • added new module "Fire Crit"
  • added new module "Water Crit"
  • added new module "Earth Crit"
  • added new module "Air Crit"
  • added new module "Nature Crit"
  • added new module "Light Crit"
  • added new module "Darkness Crit"
  • added new module "Electricity Crit"
  • added new module "Stoneskin"
  • added new module "Growth"
  • added new module "Immortality Shield"
  • added new module "Hurricane"
  • added new module "Redirect"
  • added new module "Universal Shield"
  • added new module "Gravitational Impact"
  • added new module "Neutral Focus"
  • added new module "Fire Focus"
  • added new module "Water Focus"
  • added new module "Earth Focus"
  • added new module "Air Focus"
  • added new module "Nature Focus"
  • added new module "Light Focus"
  • added new module "Darkness Focus"
  • added new module "Electricity Focus"
  • added new module "Universal Focus"
  • added new module "Death Wish"
  • added AI function "Tower: Use (Instantly)"


  • removed element fire and electricity from winter region and added water instead
  • moved artifacts to new save system
  • achievements are improving resource conversion rate
  • power stones are capped at T50
  • era is now displayed in the region highscore
  • hidden achievements are showing a ? instead of the icon
  • updated patron names


  • fixed a crash on the first statistic goal
  • fixed percentage formatting for float values
  • fixed result screen percentage formatting
  • fixed a bug that allowed the user to open the exit round dialog during the fad-out animation
  • fixed transparency issue in special tint shader
  • fixed being able to import a blueprint with a longer name than 24 characters
  • fixed fire experiment upgrades not draining resources beyond 2^64
  • fixed tower sometimes attacking the same target twice without cooldown
  • various smaller fixes

3 September – 0.3.3 B1

  • added total module tier condition
  • added random function to AI
  • added two more upgrades to Boss 2
  • added ESC hotkey to skip Boss 2 intro
  • added new software "wave persistence" (unobtainable - requires MT7)
  • added new contract to Headquarters
  • added skill "Dealbreaker" to Headquarters
  • added skill "Sturdy Decks" to Shipyard
  • added skill "Trading Archives" to Trading Post
  • added exotic skill "Mineralogy" to Mine
  • added exotic skill "Battle Drills" to Mine
  • added exotic skill "Geology" to Mine
  • percentage values are now properly formatted beyond 1M%
  • changed Factory T6 crafting grid layout
  • crafting components in the Factory can now be right clicked in preview mode to show their recipe
  • fixed description not refreshing when learning a building skill in the skill UI
  • fixed a minor bug in the nature experiment which occured when harvesting a full grown plant
  • fixed minor pixel offset in Headquarters (Contracts)

28 August – 0.3.2 B5

  • optimized event handling to reduce garbage memory
  • pre-cached floating text amount increased from 25 to 85
  • special effects do not allocate heap memory anymore when enabled/disabled
  • Power Plant does not allocate heap memory anymore when performing pull and emit actions
  • Museum does not allocate heap memory anymore during Update ticks.
  • changed Power Plant buff skill to make power have more impact on the boost instead of simply doubling it.

26 August – 0.3.2 B4

  • potentially fixed memory leak
  • fixed blueprint header not refreshing on delete
  • fixed universal experiment arrows refreshing on click
  • fixed universal experiment resistance cap

24 August – 0.3.2 B3

  • adjusted darkness experiment goal values
  • gems received via Arcade rewards now count towards total gems collected
  • fixed missing Power Plant AI translations
  • fixed a bug that was causing memory leaks
  • fixed Perfect Space upgrade button being clickable outside the button
  • fixed statistic values not saving
  • fixed value overflow for ore rewards in the Factory

22 August – 0.3.2 B2

  • fixed a bunch of game breaking bugs

22 August – 0.3.2 B1

  • added Town Perks (!)
  • added military T6 requirements
  • added Arcade infinite rewards
  • added new skill to Headquarters
  • added new skill to Power Plant
  • added "Offensive Pack" module
  • added "Defensive Pack" module
  • added "Shield of Air" module
  • added new challenge to forest
  • added prestige to fire experiment
  • added prestige to light experiment
  • added a new arrow type to the universal experiment
  • added damage & resistance goals to the universal experiment
  • added more era modules to enemies
  • added Power Plant "Sell" action to AI
  • increased description block size in AI action popup by 32pixels
  • power buffs now correctly refresh if power is maxed
  • Arcade is enabled again
  • Town Assets were converted in a new format
  • Town Assets are now capped at 500
  • Town Level is now capped.
  • fixed certain values turning "NaN" in the exotic experiment
  • fixed Factory not refreshing slots on loading
  • fixed depth buffer issue in jungle
  • fixed module blueprint crash if an invalid string was used
  • fixed Shipyard bonus changing after shipment has been ordered
  • fixed era element module prevention buttons not refreshing

5 August – 0.3.1 B4

  • added new achievement (try to find it)
  • power plant techs now display max level in tooltip
  • fixed savegame bug (99.99% sure)
  • fixed AI infinite loop glitch
  • fixed neutral experiment overflowing
  • fixed enemies getting stuck in certain regions
  • fixed crafting grid 1 pixel offset in factory UI
  • fixed tutorial boxes printing formation tags for a split second
  • fixed crosshair position in boss 2 fight (fullscreen)
  • fixed construction firm exotic gem display on instant finish

3 August – 0.3.1 B3

  • fixed save game bug?

2 August – 0.3.1 B2

  • reworked air experiment (WIP)
  • fixed cylindro not rewarding exotic gems
  • fixed locked power stones slots
  • fixed power stones tab not unlocking until reload
  • added wishlist reminder to main menu

31 July – 0.3.1 B1

  • tutorial arrows are now resolution independent
  • modified the save game system in order to find a bug
  • updated credits/citizen names

10 July – 0.3.0 B1

  • added tooltips to elements in new round screen
  • added prestige system to darkness experiment
  • added prestige system to water experiment
  • added prestige system to earth experiment
  • added basic in-game tutorial
  • added new module 'unholy aura'
  • added new module 'shield of darkness'
  • all enemies are now batched into a single draw call [performance+1]
  • refined ores start blinking after completion
  • many minor layout adjustments
  • mine is now unfolding
  • selling in power plant now works via right click
  • crumbling particles now use the same material as the tower
  • fixed a bug that removes all but one module from blueprint if you save & load before building a workshop

23 June – 0.2.9 B1

  • deactivated Arcade (Arcade is WIP)
  • added era modules for neutral, earth (50%) and universal enemies
  • added modules for units
  • added slow buff to wizard enemy type
  • added tabs to switch between buildings inside skill menu
  • added buff display to in-game UI
  • added synchronous execution function to AI
  • added progress display to military requirements
  • added new AI action (factory: craft)
  • added new AI function (factory: item count)
  • bosses now have multiple tiers
  • boss upgrades have to be bought for each boss tier
  • changed Arcade color theme
  • changed Factory recipe section (WIP)
  • fixed critical wave jump not factoring in era record
  • fixed citizen name depth issue

6 June – 0.2.8 B1

  • reworked skills UI
  • reworked nature experiment (part 1)
  • added blueprint management
  • added new module "adaptive regeneration"
  • added new exotic skill to factory
  • added Dr. Cubical guidance system (WiP)
  • added helium-3 storage upgrade to the power plant
  • fixed mine drill component not refreshing on startup
  • fixed power plant generators producing power with missing ingredients
  • fixed pipe coloring issue in the power plant

31 May – 0.2.7 B1

  • added default AI Arguments for museum functions
  • added dialog for offline time
  • added option to change controls
  • added Shipyard to dashboard
  • added a trash icon
  • reworked the Power Plant
    • complete redesign of core mechanic
    • internal resource storage is now visible for all components
    • solar generator is now linked to weather
    • wind generator is now linked to weather
    • added more technologies
    • components are now unlocked in bundles
    • components now have their own tech trees
    • added a 'toggle all' button to network tab
    • added highlighting to selected tile on the power grid
    • added new skill "Quantum Grid"
  • reworked the save system (old saves will migrate)
  • fixed Museum Boost not refreshing when AI moves power stones
  • fixed AI for free power stone slots returning wrong number
  • fixed an issue with the trading post
  • fixed in-game error when module categories are minimized
  • fixed a bug with infinite resources in the Power Plant
  • fixed a bug in electricity experiment

16 May – 0.2.6 B1

  • added missing translations
  • added default arguments to some AI functions
  • added experimental unstuck function
  • added AI functions for the museum
  • preperations for the Powerplant rework
  • sandbox mode no longer rewards town xp
  • devine blessing now uses a planar function to scale values beyond T5

12 May – 0.2.5 B1

  • massive AI overhaul
  • added conditions to AI
  • added museum time boost in powerplant
  • changed AI hotkey to "F4"
  • active module costs and cooldown refreshes on upgrade now (in-game)
  • fixed module sparks
  • fixed laboratory default tab

9 May – 0.2.4 B3

  • added artifact to boss 3
  • added new module
  • added missing credits

8 May – 0.2.4 B1

  • added module "Shock Ward"
  • added module "Transformator"
  • added prestige to neutral experiment
  • added auto-place function to town assets
  • added clear button to town assets
  • added a new achievement
  • changed artifact system
  • fixed museum statistic visuals

2 May – 0.2.3 B1

  • added boss 2
  • added three new artifacts
  • added town stats menu
  • added a new module "overcharge"
  • added a new module "metal plating"
  • enabled boss 3
  • selected wiki page is now highlighted
  • fixed trading post 100% trading issue
  • reimplemented enemies of type assassin
  • reworked electricity lab game
  • refactored the attribute system

19 April – 0.2.2 B1

  • replaced old help with a new system
  • added toggle to enable/disable ai scripts
  • added new software: wave_momentum.inf
  • Headquarters RAM now affects max. ai script size
  • fixed ai click not working on combinator button in museum

19 March – 0.1.18 B1

  • added visual ships to shipyard
  • added lava pump to powerplant
  • added thermal generator to powerplant
  • added description to software
  • added exotic skill 'battle engineers' to construction firm
  • added missing translations

9 March – 0.1.17 B1

  • added weather forecast to shipyard
  • added visual effect when orders arrive in shipyard and when collecting them
  • refactored shipyard UI (part 1)

2 March – 0.1.16 B1

  • added infinite planar functions to module attributes
  • added baked lighting in underground
  • added headquarter boost to powerplant
  • added shipyard boost to powerplant
  • added fission components to powerplant
  • selling components in powerplant now returns 25% of costs
  • replace hidden module system with chance tables
  • hotkeys no longer trigger when searchbar is focused
  • fixed searchbar in workshop
  • fixed upgrade button flickering
  • fixed trading post color scheme

22 February – 0.1.15 B2

  • fixed Blueprint only loading the first three modules when loading a saved game

22 February – 0.1.15 B1

  • added buy max. button to the workshop (requires military tier > 0)
  • added hotkey ('u') to upgrade selected module in workshop
  • added a searchbar to the workshop
  • added option to export/import blueprints
  • most resources can't be infinite anymore
  • town resources are not a potential outcome of deals in the trading post anymore
  • fixed rounding issue in trading post
  • fixed enemy spawn issue in region 15

18 February – 0.1.14 B1

  • updated unity engine to 2019.3.1f1 - let's hope everything still works
  • loading the game the first time takes longer now, but every other load will be faster
  • added new weather system with visible effects
  • added option to disable weather effects
  • mine grid is now hidden if minimum depth has not been reached
  • mine shards are now reset upon prestige
  • fixed some spelling mistakes
  • fixed infinite town resources
  • fixed passive mine drill always being active

15 February – 0.1.13 B2

  • fixed Beacons Tier not being saved

13 February – 0.1.13 B1

  • added example tooltips
  • added museum goal number indicator
  • added generic damage, resistance and resource bonus system
  • added infinite buildings to construction firm
  • added new construction firm tier
  • added three new mine skills
  • mining reward now slightly scales with depth
  • started to change arcade ui
  • changed neutral experiment values
  • fixed saving and loading in the arcade
  • fixed construction firm unlocking issue

8 February – 0.1.12 B5

  • fixed enemy spawn during wavestream/-surge
  • fixed construction firm tier not unlocking after first prestige
  • fixed ESC behavior in idle mode

6 February – 0.1.12 B4

  • changed the trading post values based on community feedback from the stream
  • changed when laboratory experiments unlock

5 February – 0.1.12 B3

  • added achievements to museum
  • added one unlockable secret achievement
  • military tiers now unlock higher construction firm tiers
  • daigo parry now considers shield before activating
  • artifact 'cubos cube' is no longer unlocked by default
  • minor changes to neutral experiment
  • adjusted some trading post values to make it more balanced

3 February – 0.1.12 B2

  • added infinite goals to neutral experiment
  • added 'offer quality' skill to trading post
  • balanced the trading post based on your feedback
  • trading post deals now refresh only once every hour
  • replaced exit icon with bomb icon ingame
  • changed powerplant fluid pipe description
  • changed the museum ui based on the new museum concept
  • fixed museum fullscreen ui issues
  • fixed mine drill infinite price
  • fixed floating boxes in mine not disappearing after window has been closed
  • fixed esc button behavior in 'new round' screen

27 January – 0.1.12 B1

  • added 'chemical lumps' exotic skill to the factory
  • added museum and power plant to town dashboard
  • added a limit for town citizen (100)
  • added a way to skip boss cinematic via esc
  • added first working draft of AI scripting (not unlockable)
  • improved performance while in idle screen
  • changed trading post to percentage-based trading
  • module 'daigo parry' is now a hidden unlockable
  • fixed broken factory recipes
  • fixed factory shop items being purchasable via right click even when they're not unlocked yet

10 January – 0.1.11 B2

  • added town assets for all regions
  • added producers for laboratory (factory)
  • added producers for mine (factory)
  • added producers for headquarters (factory)
  • added producers for power plant (factory)
  • added producers for arcade (factory)
  • added producers for trading post (factory)
  • added producers for shipyard (factory)
  • added producers for construction firm (factory)
  • added producers for museum (factory)
  • added producers for statue of cubos (factory)
  • added names for citizen
  • added prototype of sandbox mode
  • added tower assets to tower customization
  • added slider for missile spawn height to tower customization
  • added basic tower asset animation
  • fixed convert button refresh in conversion menu
  • fixed mine chance percentage
  • fixed recipes not refreshing on factory update
  • fixed power plant crash when upgrading tech