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This page serves to chronicle all of the game's updates from 2019, listed in reverse chronological order. Only updates from 2019 are listed on this page; for other versions, see version history.

23 December – 0.1.11 B1

  • added new town assets (metallic ruins)
  • added output count to machine recipe preview in factory
  • added a new contract to HQ
  • added more power plant components
  • added a new power plant buff (mine)
  • fixed pooling for regular attached special effects

2 December – 0.1.10 B4

  • fixed a module bug that caused memory leaks

1 December – 0.1.10 B3

  • added online statistic 'enemies destroyed'
  • added online statistic 'resources collected'
  • added online statistic 'gems collected'
  • added online statistic 'boss1 destroyed'

1 December – 0.1.10 B2

  • fixed negative resource display
  • fixed missing 5% display bug in mine
  • fixed shipment order not refreshing
  • fixed shard refining time when upgrading/removing transport belt
  • changed '0%' to 'Completed!' in factory on shard refining completion

1 December – 0.1.10 B1

  • added option to name save slots
  • changed savegame selection screen
  • cloud saves only occurs when scenes change

26 November – 0.1.9 B3

  • fixed reflect and the barrier modules dealing damage to the tower as well
  • fixed contracts not checking the conditions

26 November – 0.1.9 B2

  • removed max tier cap on more modules
  • all modules are unlockable (110 modules)
  • fixed mine conversion reward droprate

26 November – 0.1.9 B1

  • added headquarter contracts
  • added remaining T1 production plates to factory
  • added red production plates up to T5 to factory
  • added 8 new modules (elemental barrier)
  • added new module (execution)
  • added new module (transmute)
  • added new module (rapidfire)
  • added new module (advanced splash)
  • added new module (divine blessing)
  • added new module (super multishot)
  • added 10 new modules (elemental boost)
  • module 'shelter' can now be unlocked
  • reworked the 'New Round' Screen
  • mining conversion rate upgrade is no longer a reward after reaching min. conversion rate
  • fixed an issue with modules that deal pure damage - reason why soul harvest was impacted by impetus
  • fixed visual glitch in region 10
  • fixed visual glitch in region 12
  • fixed exotic skills details staying open when the menu is closed via esc
  • fixed T10 oven recipe - was using wrong plates
  • fixed module 'Universal Attack' - was neutral dmg instead of universal dmg

16 November – 0.1.8 B6

  • fixed factory machines recipes

15 November – 0.1.8 B5

  • fixed interaction between taste modules and % based damage modules

15 November – 0.1.8 B4

  • The way you log into the game has changed. You need to log out and back in on the website otherwise you won't be able to use the online features. If your cloud slots are red that means you're not logged in.
  • The online system has changed. If you notice any issues please contact SpeedyBrain.
  • changed the delay until auto combine starts in museum

14 November – 0.1.8 B3

  • added new module (Soul Harvesting) - random drop
  • added new module (Firestorm) - random drop
  • added new elemental based modules (8x {element} shell) - random drop
  • added missing modules info to region select preview
  • fixed 'Frost Aura' slow

13 November – 0.1.8 B2

  • added new module (Frost Aura) - random drop
  • added new module (Bulletproof) - random drop
  • added new module (Burning Attack) - random drop
  • added new module (Shield Recharger) - random drop
  • added new module (Sparks) - random drop
  • fixed factory recipes

11 November – 0.1.8 B1

  • added an indicator for available skills
  • added 'machine handling' exotic skill
  • added recipe for 'producer (gems)'
  • added recipe for 'producer (exotic)'
  • added assembler recipes up to T10
  • added refiner recipes up to T10
  • added oven recipes up to T10
  • added shaper recipes up to T10
  • added boiler recipes up to T10
  • added way to convert higher dust into lower dust via the boiler
  • fixed machine production speed
  • fixed engineering notation after running out of symbols
  • possible fix for stucking inside pillars (first boss fight)

9 November – 0.1.7 B1

  • added stock limit to factory
  • added remaining presser recipes
  • added recipes for mixer up to T10
  • added factory skill that doubles ore output
  • added factory skill that doubles shop stock limit, halves refill time and changes refill time for rubber to 0.1sec
  • changed color of T1 and T2 machines in the factory
  • fixed advanced chip recipe tier
  • fixed mine conversion rate of 0

7 November – 0.1.6 B1

  • added more recipes for various machine tiers (factory)
  • added new factory skill that reduces refining time
  • added item draggin to the factory (hold down left to collect same type or hold down right to place one by one)
  • changed recipe values
  • power stone tiers now start at 1
  • fixed powerplant infinite loop
  • fixed powerplant factory buff

5 November – 0.1.5 B5

  • added all transport belt recipes
  • added auto fill / auto empty crafting grid skill to factory
  • fixed 'combining power stones' button keeps combining if you switch to another window
  • reduced first level construction time for some buildings
  • drill refill now displays amount gained and shows properly that you can unput any amount thats greater or equal to 1
  • 'faster machines' skill now correctly affects transport belts
  • changed a lot of values in the factory
  • factory shop now displays only useable items on first factory tier

3 November – 0.1.5 B4

  • added high performance multi crafting (factory)
  • added module 'daigo parry' to arcade
  • reduced arcade prices for now
  • changed some module descriptions
  • changed internal value system
  • fixed rounding errors due to datatype replacement
  • fixed rounding for building skill values

3 November – 0.1.5 B3

  • fixed town xp gained only from the last 100 rounds in a continous session
  • fixed rounding errors due to datatype replacement

2 November – 0.1.5 B2

  • added special effects for buffs
  • added five new hidden statistics
  • added statistics goal for modules unlocked
  • fixed broken progress bars in museum
  • holding down the combine button in museum will now trigger the combining power stones event every 0.1 sec
  • changed town asset resource bonus text to only show bonus from town assets

2 November – 0.1.5 B1

  • power stone combining tries to return new stone to inventory
  • added button to buy as many power stones as possible
  • added museum skill to reduce artifact research duration
  • added museum skill for offline artifact research
  • added museum skill to auto combine highest possible tier power stones
  • added museum exotic skill to double statistics town resource bonus
  • added basic help screens for every building
  • balanced museum values
  • fixed power plant boost translation

1 November – 0.1.4 B4

  • implemented real behavior for module: strikeback
  • implemented real behavior for module: desperado
  • right clicking power stones no longer puts them in locked slots
  • fixed power plant tech being clickable even after it reached it's max tier
  • fixed blueprint module order not saving

1 November – 0.1.4 B3

  • added new statistics goal for enemies destroyed
  • added new statistics goal for resources collected
  • implemented the museum elemental boost
  • digging in mine can now be done by holding down left mouse button
  • fixed esc closing arcade minigames
  • fixed tiering in headquarters not increasing total gems collected
  • fixed gems going negative on building boost

31 October – 0.1.4 B2

  • added 8 absolute resistance modules (4x R4, 4xR5)
  • prestige now resets idle production
  • links now open in a new tab
  • fixed refining relative distribution time & ore preview issue
  • fixed powerplant techs carrying over to new save
  • fixed powerplant construction time

30 October – 0.1.4 B1

  • added statistics for total resources collected
  • added statistics for total enemies destroyed
  • added open alpha intro screen
  • fixed options menu being initially active

29 October – 0.1.3 B2

  • added mixed scientific notation
  • added factory boost to powerplant
  • adjusted boost duration in powerplant
  • fixed mine layer cooldown when switching pages
  • fixed first boss collision damage after his defeat

29 October – 0.1.3 B1

  • added posibility to use statistics values inside modules
  • added headquarters military function (prestige prototype)
  • added new factory machines
  • added detail window to factory machines
  • added new factory recipes
  • factory: right clicking machines cancels production for one item
  • factory: shift + right clicking cancels whole production
  • factory: recipe search now searches for multiple words (separated with space)

21 October – 0.1.2 B2

  • Fixed statistic power stone slots not saving

21 October – 0.1.2 B1

  • Added a new tutorial system
  • Added goal 'total gems collected'
  • The upgrade menu button will now be highlighted if you have enough xp to upgrade a module
  • Fixed a bug with the quick conversion menu

20 October – 0.1.1 B1

  • Added right click functionality to power stone inventories
  • Added a button to sell power stones

20 October – 0.1.0 B1

  • Added first draft of the museum building

19 October – 0.0.10 B1

  • Added prototype for exotic gems minigame to the laboratory
  • Added a radial menu to quickly convert resources
  • Added new module: Division Shield
  • Added a targeting system for active modules
  • Added a progressbar to modules in the blueprint
  • Added a new icon to indicate if a module is fully upgraded
  • Added missing localization (Arcade)
  • Added prices to recipes in the factory
  • Added a way to craft as many items as possible in the factory (shift + click)
  • Changed how town assets are unlocked
  • Fixed a bug that made the darkness minigame graph invisible
  • Balanced some values to make the start of the game easier

12 October – 0.0.9 B1

  • Fixed an issue with scrolling in the factory
  • Fixed a minor issue in the power plant
  • Fixed escape button in conversion menu
  • Added an option to use gems ingame
  • Added hotkeys 0,1,2,3 to ingame purchase multipliers
  • Added f1 hotkey in town buildings to open help
  • Added an effect to conversion
  • Town progress is now hidden during tutorial phase
  • The ingame sidebar is now cached

11 October – 0.0.8 B1

  • Added prototype for gems minigame to the laboratory
  • Added a Drag'n'Drop feature for modules in the workshop

6 October – 0.0.7 B3

  • Disabled assassins to potentially fix the game being stuck during an active round

2 October – 0.0.7 B2

  • Fixed a bug in the Power Plant pipe network that would accepted coal as liquid input, which kept the game in an endless loop.

2 October – 0.0.7 B1

  • Added prototype for darkness minigame to the laboratory
  • Fixed a bug in the Power Plant

28 September – 0.0.6 B1

  • Added first draft of the Power Plant
  • Added prototype for universal minigame to the laboratory
  • Added 'ground' tag to ground in region 6 to fix bugged assassin type enemies
  • Removed module tier cap of 'basic attack' and 'stone foundation'
  • Modified various values

6 September – 0.0.5 B3

  • Pooled objects now properly reset their velocity to zero after returning back to the pool
  • Disabled logging for everything except errors and exceptions

4 September – 0.0.5 B2

  • Removed assassins from heaven region
  • Fixed ESC button in submenus of Construction Firm

4 September – 0.0.5 B1

  • Added prototypes for air and light minigames to the laboratory
  • Added a few items and recipes to the factory
  • Added transport belt to factory: Halves to processing time of shards per belt tier
  • Added 4 new blueprint modules
  • Added 3 more town assets (high mountain)
  • Added 1 new skill to Construction Firm
  • Added 1 new skill to Factory
  • Added a small bouncing arrow to the convert button in the Construction Firm for tutorial reasons
  • Items in the factory shop now have a 0.2 sec. cooldown
  • Digging a new layer in the mine now has a 1 sec. cooldown to prevent multiclicking
  • Fixed stacking bug for ores produced via shards
  • Fixed credits page in the main menu
  • Fixed various other smaller issues

22 August – 0.0.4 B3

  • Changed CloudSaves to work on the new homepage.
  • Added some cool new features that are locked atm.

?? August – 0.0.4 B1

  • Added Arcade
  • Added PerfectSpace - Arcade Minigame
  • Bugfixes

?? August – 0.0.3 B3

  • Fixed a bug in Nature Experiment
  • Added Shipyard
  • New Arcade UI
  • Added Notations

?? August – 0.0.3 B2