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Max. Tier 8
Conversion rate 750:1
Color theme Purple

The headquarters is a building where you can upgrade servers which install programs that speed up the core game.

It is also used to soft prestige the military.

Building Tiers

Upgrading the Headquarters does almost nothing currently.

each tier adds 2 extra server slot (Technology)


Can be purchased to gain special effects in the core game; the contract's conditions must be met to gain the effects while the contract is also active.

Click the time button of a contract cycles between the contract length options, which also cycles through the costs. Contracts can be bought for permanent use at high costs.


The condition is to use 1 offense module or less. Other modules have no limit.

The contract starts at 20 purple cubes for 8 minutes of 8X resources.


Used to buy and upgrade servers. Each server costs more than the last.

The CPU speeds up the installation of programs in the testing tab.

The RAM does nothing currently.

Facility AI

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Install programs to speed up the core game. The programs are:

  • Autoskip: Removes the wait time between waves as long as fewer than 100 enemies are on the map.
  • Wave Streaming: Accelerates spawning and speed of enemies when active (slow and has an upper limit).
  • Wave Surge: Removes the upper limit of wave streaming, increases the speed at which enemies become faster, and condenses multiple waves into 1 wave.

There is another technical limit for speed which is compensated by skipping waves leading to a higher resources/sec increase at the cost of missing out a few enemies.


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In the military tab you can soft prestige after maximizing a specific number of modules and unlocking a specific number of regions.

Prestiging will reset the level of all modules, as well as losing all your cubes. To compensate this, you are rewarded some gems.

Prestiging will not make you lose gems, exotic gems, or non-cube building resources.

You will start at Tier 1, and will eventually reach Tier 5.


None yet.

Exotic skills

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